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America's Interstate Highway System was motivated by National Defense as much as it was by commerce. The full name is "National System of Interstate and Defense Highways". Eisenhower's military experience convinced him highways were needed to redeploy troops if America was invaded or nuked.

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In the 1930s, to control prices, govt placed caps on how much a farmer could produce, claiming that a farmer growing more than that cap, even just to feed his family, was "interstate commerce" because NOT having to buy grain to feed his family would affect prices - the Supreme Court agreed!

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  1. In the US you can be tried for a federal violation known as Hobbs Act Robbery by robbing a pizza delivery person. This is because the pizza’s ingredients originate in different states and require chains to engage in interstate commerce. The sentence if convicted can be up to life imprisonment.

  2. There was a conspiracy by GM to scrap rail systems so they could monopolize interstate commerce, and sell more buses and cars.

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What did the interstate commerce act ban in 1887?

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