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The city of Vernon, Florida has been nicknamed "nub city" because so many residents have intentionally amputated limbs, disguising the injury as an accident, as a means of insurance fraud. One man had 25+ open insurance policies and collected over $1,000,000 after amputating his left foot

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Charles Ingram. A man who won "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" by having one of the audience members cough when he said the correct answer. He was later convicted for deception and later arrested for an unrelated insurance fraud.

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  1. Russians use dash cams instead of car insurance to protect themselves from many types of fraud

  2. In the 50's and 60's, a single Florida town known as "nub city" was responsible for 2/3rds of America's dismemberment insurance claims. No one was ever convicted of insurance fraud, because juries had a hard time believing even Floridians would be insane enough to cut off their own hands.

  3. About the earliest example of insurance fraud. In 300BC, Hegestratos, a Greek sea merchant, took out an insurance policy against his ship and its cargo. He planned to sink his empty ship, sell the corn and keep the loan. He was caught in the act by his own crew, and drowned trying to escape

  4. Michael Malloy, a homeless man who survived numerous deadly assassination attempts in the name of insurance fraud, including the consumption of antifreeze, turpentine, horse liniment and rat poison, before being left to freeze in -26C and hit by a moving car at 45 MPH.

  5. H. H. Holmes, the first recognized serial killer in the US. Holmes was an incredibly successful insurance fraud. It is speculated that Holmes had murdered over 100 different victims, both children and adults, but was only convicted on one count of murder which led to his hanging.

  6. About Sholam Weiss, a white-collar insurance fraud criminal given the longest white-collar sentence of 845 years in prison, which was later changed to 835 years

  7. State Farm Insurance were successfully sued for $8M after charging customers with no criminal records with insurance fraud following an auto claim

  8. The wealthiest (with over $450m) member of US Congress, Darrell Issa, is suspected of a lifetime of crimes including multiple allegations of grand theft auto, and arson to commit insurance fraud on his car alarm company.

  9. The sinking of the "titanic" was insurance fraud. The ship that sank was actually its permanently damaged sister ship the Olympic.

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The sinking of the titanic was insurance fraud. the ship that actually sank was its permanently damaged sister ship the Olympic.

Mike the Durable; a local drunk on whom bar owners attempted life insurance fraud many, many times. Despite feeding him tacks, broken glass, multiple poisons, hitting him with a taxi, and freezing him, they weren’t successful until they used CO to poison him. - source

Data recorded by an Ohio man's pacemaker lead to his indictment for aggravated arson and insurance fraud in a fire in his own home.

Milton Milan, the 3rd mayor of Camden, NJ to be found guilty of corruption, took bribes from the mafia, stole from the city, laundered drug money, and participated in insurance fraud. - source

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There's a conspiracy claiming that the RMS. Titanic did never sink. Supposedly, the ship that sank was her sister ship, the Olympic, that was damaged in an accident about a year before. That would make the disaster one of the biggest insurance frauds in history.

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Sholam Weiss, who was sentenced to almost 1000 years in prison for insurance fraud.

Or Micheal Malloy an Irish man who is known for his surviving murder attempts, including antifreeze, turpentine, horse manure, rat poison and methanol poisoning. By five acquaintances, who tried to commit murder and life insurance fraud.

There's a small town in Florida that in the early 1960's was responsible for two-thirds of loss-of-limb insurance claims, and no one was ever convicted of insurance fraud...

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