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Humans are born with only two innate fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds. Every other fear is learned.

how can fear be both innate and learned?

Humans are all born with 2 innate fears, falling and loud sounds.

What are the two innate human fears?

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what innate fears are we born with?

  1. Cats transmit a parasite that eradicates rats' innate fear of cats. It makes human men more attracted to the odour of cat urine, while it has the opposite effect on women.

  2. The parasite Toxoplasma gondii infects mice and removes their innate fear of cats; Toxoplasma can only sexually reproduce in the gut of cats

  3. Many people assume that superior intelligence or ability is a key to success. But research shows that an overemphasis on intellect or talent—and the implication that such traits are innate and fixed—leaves people vulnerable to failure, fearful of challenges and unmotivated to learn

  4. When we’re born, the only innate fears we have are the fear of falling, and the fear of loud sounds. All other fears are learned

  5. We are born with two innate fears: the fear of falling & the fear of loud sounds. Therefore, common fears social anxiety, publicly speaking and being judged by "haters" are all learned behaviors. These fears can truly affect your life but there are techniques and ways to overcome them.

  6. Babies don't have an innate fear of falling

  7. Humans are born with two innate fears: The fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds

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What are humans innate fears?

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