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Emergency and city transit vehicles have an infrared emitter to forcibly change traffic lights.

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Duke University scientists made rats able to detect infrared light by inserting a neural implant ino their brains

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  1. Gold nanoparticles are showing promise for cancer treatment. Clusters of gold nanoparticles sit on the surface of a cancer cell. When hit with a burst of infrared light, the clusters vaporize nearby water, creating bubbles of vapor that burst and tear apart the cell.

  2. Vampire bats sense infrared light using a modified capsaicin receptors, so its possible we look spicy to vampires.

  3. The term "clicker" comes from one of the original remote designs, which used slightly audible ultrasonic signals instead of the modern infrared light system.

  4. Humans can see infrared light under certain conditions

  5. The study of the Sombrero in visible and infrared light has been studied using the Hubble Space Telescope and the Spitzer Space Telescope.

  6. Radio waves are not the only type of electromagnetic wave. Other types include radar, bluetooth, ultraviolet light waves, microwaves, x-rays, and infrared.

  7. Car manufacturers use a special black and white camouflage wrap, so that details about the Car's shape isn't revealed. These wraps are black and white because the black absorbs infrared light from a camera's auto-focus, so you cant make a clear picture of it.

  8. We can kill some types of cancer cells by injecting chemically coated gold nanoparticles, which latch onto cancerous cells, and then by blasting them with infrared light

  9. The very first TV remotes used cords, light, then ultrasound before infrared came around.

  10. Goldfish are believed to be the only animal that can see both infrared and ultraviolet light.

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Vantablack, the darkest known substance, which absorbs 99.96% of visible light, which is manufactured by a UK company for telescopes, infrared cameras, and other uses

It is possible to fly hot air balloons in Jupiter's atmosphere. During the day it would absorb sunlight and warm and during night it would sink and absorb Jupiter's infrared light. Helium/Hydrogen balloons are impossible because Jupiter has too much pressure. - source

The Mantis Shrimp can see UV and Infrared, differentiate Polarized Light and move it's eyes independantly - source

Ambulances and firetrucks can control traffic lights by using signals from optical infrared emitters tied to the vehicles' emergency lights

Emergency vehicles can communicate with traffic lights using infrared light pulses to make them change. - source

What changes occur in molecules when infrared light is absorbed?

The Wii sensor bar doesn't actually contain any sensors. It is simply an array of infrared lights. It can also be substituted with candles, remote controls, and other IR light sources.

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Chickens can distinguish from 80 to 200 individual members of their species and see morning light almost an hour before we do because of their sensitivity to infrared light

Neil Harbisson, a cyborg artist, was born with a disorder that only lets him see in grayscale. He permanently affixed an antenna with a light sensor to the back of his skull and is the only person able to 'hear' colors, including ultraviolet and infrared colors.

RapidPass, a high-tech piece of roadside equipment that uses infrared and ultraviolet light beams to test the quality of the air around a car, then snaps a pic of the plate

The New Horizons space craft had to do course-corrections due to a tiny thrust caused by infrared light from it's power source (radioisotope thermoelectric generator).

Smartphone cameras can see infrared light!

When compared to visible light infrared rays?

You can modify regular cameras to capture infrared light

About skycool, a coating that passively cools by reflecting light and converting heat into an infrared spectrum that mostly passes straight through the atmosphere.

normal cameras can pick up infrared radiation.You can use a camera to see the infrared light up on a remote control

Sunglasses and sunscreen blocks UVA and UVB Light thus appearing black on an infrared camera.

Pulse Oximters work by comparing how much red light and infra red light is absorbed by the blood. Depending on the amounts of oxy Hb and deoxy Hb present, the ratio of the amount of red light absorbed compared to the amount of infrared light absorbed changes.

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UY Scuti, the largest known star, it also one of the brightest. the star is about 120,000 times brighter than the Sun in visible light. When combined with its light in infrared it is about 340,000 times brighter. Its diameter is 2.4 billion km, thus a volume 5 billion times that of the Sun.

Silicon is transparent in infrared light.

When that Tomahawk's 1000-pound conventional warhead detonated above its target--a plane--it wasn't the supersonic "expanding debris cloud" setting the plane ablaze. The cause was "a huge pulse of heat in the form of infrared photons, light that travels about a million times faster than sound."

About a Canadian company called HyperStealth that are making products to make objects much harder (or invisible as they say) to see in visible light, near infrared light, using thermal imaging, and near ultra violet light.

Polar Bears are nearly invisible to infrared light so only their faces and breath show up with night vision glasses.

The iPhone back camera filters out infrared light. However, the selfie camera does not filter it.

The Moon’s Wi-Fi Is Faster Than Yours... Using four 6-inch diameter telescopes to beam pulses of infrared light to a satellite orbiting the Moon, researchers at NASA and MIT have made a connection with a speed of 19Mbps down.

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