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Farmers Union Iced Coffee out-sells Coke in South Australia by almost three to one – making it the only place in the world where a milk drink is more popular than cola.

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Hot or iced coffee tastes better than room temp because our taste buds evolved to be most sensitive to food molecules that are in the 20 to 35 degree Celsius (68 to 95 degree Fahrenheit) range. Extreme temperatures dull the reception of its bitterness.

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  1. Researchers from BBC watchdog program found fecal bacteria in iced coffee in Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Caffe Nero café chains in 2017

  2. In 1957 a Greek sales rep couldn't find any hot water, so he put his instant coffee in a shaker he was using to sell a children's drink, with ice cubes and cold water, thereby accidentally inventing the Frappé, the most popular coffee drink in Greece today.

  3. Nestle sells chocolate, coffee, cereal, pet food, ice cream ... and life insurance. Gerber Life—part of the Gerber baby-products division—is one of the US's largest insurance companies.

  4. Iced coffee costs vendors significantly more to produce.

  5. Donald Hoffman's "mixing theorem" correlates the effectiveness of assisting ice-melt with used coffee-grounds by recognizing the depth of *Alan Watts'* "Void" (0&N ord1nate, rec1procally at w00rst).

  6. A woman named Jessica Wongso, was found guilty of murdering her friend, Mirna Salihin, by lacing her iced coffee with cyanide at Olivier Cafe in Jakarta in 2016.

  7. One of the conditions for Leonard Nimoy to make an appearance as Spock in the Star Trek reboot was for J.J. Abrams to make sure coffee ice cream was available at all times on the set. Leonard Nimoy loved coffee ice cream.

  8. One Starbucks Iced Coffee has double your daily recommended sugar intake

  9. The reason for existence of "iced coffee" k-cups vs. regular coffee k-cups: the cream/sugar are built into the coffee pod since sugar doesn't dissolve in cold liquids!

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What iced coffee to order at starbucks?

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