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When Dolly Parton first hosted an annual "Gay Day" at her theme park, Dollywood, the KKK and others threatened her over it. She still gets threats but this hasn't stopped the event.

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A small town in England has hosted a mob 'football' game annually for over 800 years. There is only one rule: Players are not allowed to kill one another.

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  1. Since 2005, Avon, Ohio has hosted an annual duct tape festival dedicated to celebrating "duct tape, its enthusiasts, and its wacky and fun uses." The event features duct tape sculptures, a duct tape fashion show, and a parade of giant floats constructed using duct tape.

  2. Dildo, Newfoundland, in Canada, hosts an annual festival known as Dildo Days, which is of course led by the whimsical mascot, Captain Dildo.

  3. Dublin hosts a Women's Mini Marathon annually as a charity event, and men will dress in drag to join the race.

  4. Steve Burns, the original host of the children's show Blues Clues, was listed on People magazine's annual list of most eligible bachelors in 2000.

  5. The annual pilgrimage to Mecca brings with it a host of illnesses from different peoples, locally referred to as the "hajji disease"

  6. The Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square is host to the annual National People's Congress meetings. It has more than 10,000 seats in the meeting hall and 5,000 more in the banquet hall.

  7. A Rotary Club in Michigan hosts an annual car plunge contest where participants pay $10 to make three guesses as to when a car will fall through the ice for a $1500 prize

  8. Michael Jordan hosts an annual golf charity event called the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational.

  9. Finland hosted annual World Sauna Championships, which ended in 2010 when a finalist died and his opponent critically injured.

  10. As First Lady, Sarah Polk banned dancing, card games, and hard liquor at official receptions and refused to attend horse races or the theatre. When she attended the Inaugural Ball, she did not dance. She also hosted the first annual Thanksgiving dinner at the White House.

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BYU (the Mormon university) expels, fires, and evicts Mormon students for leaving the Mormon faith. BYU also hosts an annual international religious freedom conference.

Tillamook, Oregon hosts an annual Pig-N-Ford race, in which competitors race Model-T fords around a track while holding on to a live pig. - source

There is a golf course in Pyongyang, North Korea, which hosts an annual amateur golf tournament. The course record of 33 was set by Kim Jong Il in 1992. - source

The Bottle Inn, located in Dorset, England hosts an annual Stinging Nettle eating contest. In 2014 Phillip Thorne won the contest after eating the raw leaves from 24m worth of Nettle stalks! This all began in the '80s after two farmers had a dispute over who had longer nettles in their fields.

A small Canadian island town named Dildo, which hosts the annual "Dildo Days" festival. - source

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Orville Redenbacher's hometown hosts an annual festival in celebration of popcorn.

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More Spam is consumed per person in Hawaii than any other state in the U.S. and hosts an annual Spam Jam attended by 20k people each year.

A town in the Rioja region of Spain hosts an annual 'Batalla de Vino' or battle of wine - a wine water fight

Instead of going to class in college, entrepreneur Chris Sacca would host annual keg parties where entry required classmates to dump their notes in a bin.

Charlie Sheen considers himself a juggalo and, in 2011, hosted at the 12th annual Gathering of the Juggalos, an event created by the Insane Clown Posse.

About Cheese Rolling. Every year, during Spring, the South West England Gloucester region hosts the annual cheese-rolling event where people from far and wide travel to watch competitors launch themselves down a hill in pursuit of a round of cheese.

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Rome is host to an annual conference on exorcism, to which Pope Francis has provided a special blessing.

The towns of Liberal, Kansas and Olney, England both host an annual Pancake Day Race which coincides with the day before Lent.

The American Society of Civil Engineers hosts an annual canoe race, in which teams from universities across the country build and race canoes made entirely out of concrete.

A small town in Kansas hosts an annual 'Barbed Wire Festival' which previously attracted over 2k annual attendees

There is an Australian country town that hosts an annual ABBA festival

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China hosts an annual dog eating festival where thousands of terrified dogs — many of them stolen pets — are butchered for human consumption. Crammed into crowded wire cages, the dogs languish without food or water as they await their fate. Many of the dogs are cooked or boiled alive.

Rouge Ale hosts an annual dog festival in honor of its founding dog and "CEO" Brewer.

The world's longest running chat show, The Late Late Show, hosts its annual Toy Show edition tonight. Each year in Ireland, it's easily the most watched tv episode of the year.

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