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A systematic review of homeopathic medicine found it was effective in treating 0 out of 68 illnesses and was essentially just a placebo.

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The FTC says all Homeopathic "medicine" must label that they do not work.

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  1. Boiron, a French company that produces a homeopathic medicine made with duck liver to treat flu symptoms, only uses 1 duck per year to manufacture the popular treatment due to the 200C dilution. The duck has been dubbed "the $20-million duck".

  2. While homeopathy is commonly believed to be relatively harmless, there have been cases where homeopaths put too high a dose of arsenic in their “medicine” and poisoned their patients.

  3. In 1900, Daniel Wesson (of Smith & Wesson), a strong advocate of homeopathy, founded the Hampden Homeopathic Hospital with a donation of $100,000. In 1923 the hospital switched from homeopathy to modern-day medicine.

  4. The most advocated homeopathic "medicine" is diluted to 30C, meaning that there would be 1 molecule of the medicine in a cube of water 106 light years on each side.

  5. John D Rockefeller was a lifelong devotee of Homeopathic medicine, despite being one of the greatest early patrons of scientific medical research.

  6. There's an EU legislation that promotes the use of homeopathic medicine as the first line of treatment for organic farms. "Animals that receive more than a certain amount of ordinary medicine can’t then be called ‘organic’."

  7. Supposed pieces of the actual Berlin Wall are used by some homeopaths as 'medicine'

  8. "grafting" in homeopathy is a thing. I kid you not - they really believe that adding blank pills to an almost empty bottle of homeopathic pills "grafts" the medicinal qualities to the blank pills.

  9. Some homeopathic "medicine" contain things such as blood from HIV positive patients, uranium, "X-rays", ball lightning, breast cancer, antimatter and dog poop

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