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Camels can hold a grudge and wait for opportunity to take revenge.

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Crows (and other corvids) can remember individual human faces, hold grudges against us, and teach their crow brothers and sisters to dislike us too.

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  1. Crows recognize individual human faces and hold grudges.

  2. Crows recognise human faces and hold grudges against ones they don't like

  3. About the Crow Paradox. Crows have no difficulty telling humans apart, and even hold grudges against individuals, but for humans it's almost impossible to recognize individual crows

  4. Crows can hold grudges and are even known to pass it on to its chicks.

  5. Jack White holds a grudge against Guinness World Records who don't acknowledge his shortest concert of all time record attempt.

  6. Crows can not only remember faces, but can also hold grudges.

  7. Mockingbirds recognize individual humans and hold grudges against ones who have threatened them in the past

  8. Ravens and crows in captivity can learn to talk and mimic words better and more accurately than parrots. They are so intelligent they can even hold grudges against people who cheat them or make them angry!

  9. Crows’ brains light up like human brains when they see human faces they recognize. They’ve been known to hold grudges and actually seek revenge on humans who abduct them or hurt fellow members of their murder.

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