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Colombia has a hippo problem because drug lord Pablo Escobar's 4 pet hippos escaped after his death

how this drug lord created a hippo problem in colombia?

Colombia has a massive Hippo problem because after Pablo Escobar died, his four pet Hippos escaped

What started the hippie movement?

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  1. The United States had a plan in 1910 to import and release hippopotamus from Africa into the rivers and bayous of Louisiana whichwould then eat water hyacinth and also solve another serious problem, the American meat crisis. The American Hippo bill nearly passed, but fell one vote short.

  2. After Pablo Escobar died and his compound was invaded, the police released 4 of hippos that he had in possession. Colombia now has a hippo problem

  3. There's a hippo problem in Columbia because Pablo Escobar brought so many in for his zoos

  4. After legendary drug kingpin Pablo Escobar was killed most of his personal menagerie of animals were given to zoos, but not the hippopotamus's. Escobars hippos now roam Colombia and are a growing problem. They are known as the "Cocaine Hippos".

  5. Ex drug lord Pablo Escobar’s escaped hippos are breeding too quickly and causing problems with the ecosystem in rural Columbia.

  6. How a drug lord created a hippo problem in Colombia

  7. Colombia has a hippo problem because drug lord Pablo Escobar's 4 pet hippos escaped after his death.

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