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The small hopping insect Issus Coleoptratus uses toothed gears on its joints to precisely synchronize the kicks of its hind legs as it jumps forward. This insect has the only mechanical gears ever found in nature

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Some whales still have hind-leg bones, likely because they are descendant from land animals that returned to the sea

What causes weakness in a dog's hind legs?

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  1. Kangaroos can't walk on their hind legs. Their legs don't move independently so they have to hop, or crawl on all four legs.

  2. About Hercules, the largest living (non-obese) cat in the world. He's a liger, 900 pounds and 12 feet tall when he stands on his hind legs.

  3. Golden moles are highly specialized for the underground life. They have muscular shoulders and short, but strong legs, equipped with curved claws, designed for digging of the tunnels. Webbed hind legs allow shoveling in backwards.

  4. Agile frog has light brown, reddish-brown or grey-brown back. Dark brown triangular-shaped markings stretch from the temple to the eardrum. Hind legs are covered with dark bands. Bottom side of the body is white in color. Males change color of the body into dark brown during the breeding season.

  5. Leopard tortoise can easily move across the rocky terrain thanks to its paddle-shaped front legs and trunk-like hind legs.

  6. Mating takes place on the ground, during the night. Females produce liquid substance and stir it with hind legs until it becomes foamy.

  7. Mega Slowbro is able to stand on his hind legs and perform the Mega Punch. In order to become a Mega Slowbro a Slowbro must evolve during battle while holding a mega stone called a Slowbronite.

  8. Blue whales evolved from hippopotamuses. They developed streamlined shape (responsible for graceful movement through the water), transformed their front limbs into fins, reduced their hind legs and developed strong and wide tail (sized like a professional soccer net).

  9. Unlike other primates, gray mouse lemur undergoes seasonal torpor (period of dormancy) during the dry period of year from April/May to September/October, when food is scarce. It uses fat (stored in the hind legs and tail) as a source of energy during this period.

  10. Jackrabbits thump the ground with hind legs to alarm other animals about potential danger.

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Although goanna walks on all four legs, it sprints using just hind legs.

Arctic hare can be solitary or live as a part of a group (from dozen to hundreds of animals). When it senses danger, Arctic hare inspects its environment erected on the hind legs.

Moor frog has slim body, forked tongue, horizontal pupils, short hind legs and partially webbed feet.

Common frog has rounded snout, large eyes, robust body and short hind legs with webbed feet. Males have bluish-black hard swellings (called nuptial pads) on the fingers which facilitate gripping of females during the mating season.

Front feet of African linsang are shorter than hind legs. 5 toes on each foot are equipped with sharp, curved, retractable claws (they can be hidden inside the paws). Soles of feet are covered with fur.

Dog's hind legs shake when standing?

Ankylosaurus was quadrupedal animal which means that it walked on four legs. Its front legs were slightly shorter than hind legs and they were probably equipped with 5 toes.

How to strengthen old dog's hind legs?

Based on the footprint found in 2008, scientists concluded that hatchlings and young apatosauruses were able to run on the hind legs to keep the pace with the rest of the herd and escape from the predators.

Iguanodon had narrow head, toothless beak, long robust arms, powerful legs and long, stiff tail. Front limbs were 25% shorter than hind limbs and equipped with 5 fingers. Iguanodon had 3 toes on the hind feet.

Males are larger than females. They have thicker tails, red eyes, short and curved claws on the hind legs and concave plastron. Females have yellow-brown eyes, long, straight claws and convex plastron.

Kangaroos are the only large animals which move by jumping. It is efficient way of motion because it preserves energy. Kangaroo cannot move hind legs separately during jumps.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever has yellowish eyes, small ears, large, powerful chest, medium to large, strong body and muscular hind legs with webbed feet.

When a dog drags its hind legs?

American Bulldog is bigger and faster than English Bulldog. Thanks to its powerful hind legs, American Bulldog can jump obstacles that are 6 to 7 feet high.

Legless lizards have remnants of hip bones and tips of the hind legs but they cannot walk. They crawl.

American bullfrog has strong body with large head and wide mouth. Hind legs are powerful and designed for jumping. It moves through the water easily thanks to its webbed feet.

Glass lizard has long, slender body, usually without legs. Some species have very short (rudimentary) hind legs. Glass lizard has forked tongue and very long tail (2/3 of the body length).

Amargosa toad is light brown or olive-green colored. It has black speckles and asymmetrical spots on the back. Belly is white and covered with blotches. Hind legs are covered with dark markings that create impression of pants. Skin on dorsal side of the body is warty.

How to strengthen puppy hind legs?

Olm has pear-shaped head, rounded snout and mouth filled with small teeth. It has snake-like, elongated body, short, thin limbs with three fingers on the front and two fingers on the hind legs and short, flat tail surrounded with thin fin.

Grolar bear rests on its stomach with widely spread hind legs (like polar bear).

The reason why cats will instinctually and rapidly kick their hind legs when playing with a toy on their backs is a defense mechanism whereas the cat is trying to disembowel their prey

Okapi has dark purple or reddish brown velvety fur, with white horizontal stripes on their front and hind legs.

The official symbol of Madrid is a bear standing on its hind legs eating berries from a tree. This is meant to represent the growth of Madrid and ownership and possession of wood (required for building).

Carnotaurus was bipedal animal, which means that its body was upright and that it walked on the hind legs.

Monitor lizard monitors its surroundings by standing on its hind legs to ensure detection of potential predators on time, hence the name "monitor lizard".

Deinonychus walked on the hind legs (bipedal animal).

Scarab beetles have broad and flat front legs with serrated edges designed for digging of the soil. Unlike forelegs, hind legs are long and thin.

Egyptian Mau is the fastest of all domestic cats. It can reach the speed of 30 miles per hour thanks to its long hind legs and skin fold under the belly.

Rabbits dig holes in the ground (burrows) using their powerful hind legs.

Egyptian Mau has rounded to wedge-shaped head with large green eyes and large ears. It has muscular, but slender body with long hind legs and small paws.

Torvosaurus had elongated, narrow snout, heavy body, powerful hind legs and short, but strong arms equipped with long, sharp claws (shaped like talons of eagle). Some researchers believe that claw on the thumb was especially good developed. Torvosaurus had long tail that was very stiff at the base.

Hind legs of froghopper generate G-force of 400 gravities, when it prepares to jump. This force is 80 times greater than G-force generated during the launching of the rockets into the space.

Affenpinscher is intelligent dog that can be easily trained. It can walk on the hind legs and perform many funny tricks. That's why it is occasionally used as therapy dog.

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