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Donald Byrd advised that Herbie Hancock should never give up his publishing rights. Hancock nearly walked out on Blue Note to keep them, and used his first $3000 royalty check to buy what is now the oldest one-owner Shelby Cobra in existence.

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The celesta is also used in music styles other than orchestras and classical music. It has been featured in jazz music by Earl Hines, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Oscar Peterson, and Herbie Hancock.

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  1. Musicians known for being some of the first to use samplers and make them mainstream were Herbie Hancock, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, and Duran Duran.

  2. The "guitar" sample in Mobb Deep's rap classic "Shook Ones Part II" is actually a slowed down piano from Herbie Hancock's "Jessica," and that this wasn't figured out until 2011

  3. The first popular song to feature turntable scratching was Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit,” famous for its bizarre music video featuring anamatronics and for being sampled by Janet Jackson

  4. Herbie Hancock, a renowned jazz musician, has a degree in electrical engineering.

  5. The toejam and earl theme song was clearly plagiarized from Herbie Hancock – Chamaeleon. thank you Bill Burr

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