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Doctors from UCLA found unique blood cells that can help fight infections in a man from Seattle's spleen, so they stole the cells from his body and developed it into medicine without paying him, getting his consent, or even letting him know they were doing it.

how has the development of bioreactor helped in biotechnology?

The town of Boring, Oregon's sister city is Dull, Scotland. "Dull has helped put Boring on our map," says OR state representative, Bill Kennemer. "People are starting to hear about Boring and they come and stop." The town is now developing a relationship with the Australian town of Bland.

What helped develop salsa music?

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what helped develop the rule of law first?

  1. In the 1990s, Subaru realized that it was surprisingly popular with lesbians, and decided to develop a campaign subtly, but specifically, targeting that core group, helping to push gay and lesbian advertising from the fringes to the mainstream.

  2. For Pingu, all the voices in the original series were done by one man; an Italian clown called Carlo Bonomi. He did the voices without a script and helped developed “Penguinese” – the babbling language in the show. He was influenced by a traditional comedic language called Grammelot.

  3. The Pentagon is developing a "combat chewing gum" to help soldiers maintain dental hygiene in the field. It is expected to save the Army $100million per year in dental services.

  4. James Earl Jones was a functional mute for 8 years due to a stutter he had developed as a child. He credits his English teacher, Donald Crouch, with helping him end his silence. Crouch believed forced public speaking would help Jones gain confidence and insisted he recite a poem every day.

  5. Iqbal Masih was sold into bondage by his debt-ridden family aged four and escaped when he was 10, after which he went to school and helped 3,000 other Pakistani children escape bonded labor. A symbol of child labor in the developing world, he was shot and killed in 1995, aged only 12.

  6. a programmer that had previously worked for NASA, testified under oath that voting machines can be manipulated by the software he helped develop.

  7. During WWII the Russians had their own independently developed "Jeep", but because the Americans sent so many Jeeps to help, the Russians turned their own Jeeps into thousands of little armored cars. They were surprisingly successful and widely exported after the war.

  8. Ray Dolby (the "Dolby" on audio equipment) helped develop the first videotape recorder before the age of 21. After founding Dolby Laboratories, he became a billionaire by charging little for his technology so others paid him instead of developing their own.

  9. The myth that carrots improve your vision began with UK WWII propaganda. The British air force had developed new radar technology that helped them repel German bombers, but they attributed their pilots' success to a carrot-rich diet in order to keep the technology a secret.

  10. Fritz Haber helped feed the world, but he also developed the first chemical weapon used in warfare. He is often referred to as “father of chemical warfare.” Haber may have saved more lives than anyone else in history, but he did so accidentally while trying to formulate new ways to kill people.

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helped develop fact data chart about These are the flight paths of two reconnaissance aircraft ow
These are the flight paths of two reconnaissance aircraft owned by a company named "Landcare Aviation". They help companies develop "remote sensing equipment".. They're currently f

Why did the hells angels start?

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Wernher von Braun, the German rocket scientist who developed Nazi superweapons during WWII, was one of many German scientists secretly brought to the US to help win the Space Race. He would go on to develop the Saturn V rocket, which carried Apollo 11 to the moon.

The guy who invented 5-hour energy is a billionaire who has pledged 99% of his wealth to philanthropic solutions to help the developing world - source

Some zoos raise puppies with captive cheetah kittens to help reduce anxiety, stress and develop social skills - source

Queen guitarist Brian May developed hepatitis from a tainted needle in 1974, almost forcing him to have his arm amputated. He eventually regained his health in time to help his bandmates finish the album which contained their first megahit, "Killer Queen".

After meeting a poor Ethiopian coffee farmer, actor Hugh Jackman created a coffee company to help farmers in developing countries sell their product in the US - source

When did the hells angels start?

Dr. Kellogg firmly believed that red meat increased sexual desire and he advocated a diet rich in nuts and cereals. He began to develop a sort of anti-masturbation food and Kellogg’s Corn Flakes are meant to help decrease your likelihood of masturbation.

How has the imf helped developing countries?

The inventor of the Super Soaker water gun was a NASA scientist who helped develop the Stealth Bomber and the Galileo mission to Jupiter.

NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt, along with many other NASCAR drivers, resisted use of the HANS device when it was introduced. The HANS was developed specifically to help prevent Basilar skull fractures common to car racing. Earnhardt later died after suffering this exact injury

Scientists at Brown University are developing a robot cat that may one day help cure loneliness among senior citizens. It doesn't need food, exercise, or a litter box, but it can purr on demand and remind them when it's time to take their meds

In 2003, US Intelligence developed a set of playing cards featuring the most wanted members of Saddam Hussein’s regime. They were disturbed among troops to help them identify targets. As of 2018, all but 6 of the 52 most wanted have been either killed, or captured.

The actual London bridge is in Arizona. It was taken apart in 1963 from London and shipped over seas to Arizona to help bring people to a new developing town.

When was hells angels founded?

What do red pandas do for fun?

Red Pandas are vegetarian carnivores and because of that one of this fact they eat a lot of bamboo for fun. They have an extended wrist bone (a false thumb) which has developed over time to help them climb trees and eat easier. They are known to play with each just for fun.

Children who learn a musical instrument begin to hear and process sounds that they couldn't otherwise hear. This helps them develop "neurophysiological distinction" between certain sounds that can aid in literacy.

The sex noises in the Guns N’ Roses song “Rocket Queen” were audio recordings of Axl Rose having sex with the drummer’s girlfriend in the studio. Shortly after, the girl involved developed an alcohol/drug addiction to help cope with the guilt.

Playing Tetris after experiencing a traumatising event helps to prevent the development of traumatic memories, thus making flashbacks from PTSD much less severe

Mexico has created a marine reserve large than Greece to help protect wildlife. The reserve will have all fishing and hotel developments banned in the area. The aim is to help replenish fish stocks and save animals like the Vaquita, of which there are only dozens left.

How has the world bank helped developing countries?

Fritz Haber, a German Chemist who is responsible for both developing ammonia based fertilizers, which has helped feed and sustain the modern worlds population, and various chemical weapons such as chlorine gas, which is resulted in some of the worlds greatest atrocities.

The scientist, Clair Patterson, who helped develop the atomic bomb, also saved humanity by stopping the use of Leaded Gasoline.

Julia Child worked in the OSS during WWII. While serving in the OSS she helped develop a shark repellent to keep curious sharks away from underwater explosives. The repellent is still used to this day.

London Bridge /wasn't/ bought by a rich American who thought it was Tower Bridge. It was put up for sale by the City of London, because it was sinking and would have had to been demolished. It was bought by Robert McCulloch, an American billionaire, to help develop a new city in Arizona.

Many early, animated Disney films were made by filming actors in real time and then tracing over their bodies frame by frame. This led to studios repurposing older animations as time went on, before helping develop modern-day roto-scoping and motion-capture technology.

David Williams, convicted of killing a sheriff's deputy, spent his time in the prison's machine shop working on new types of automatic rifles. He was so successful his sentence was commuted so he could help develop weapons for the US military.

Blood donors in Sweden get a text message whenever their blood saves someone's life. With blood donation rates in decline all over the developed world, Sweden's blood service is enlisting new technology to help push back against shortages.

Rapper Whiz Khalifa claimed he would spend upwards $10,000 a month on cannabis. He then partnered with a medical marijuana dispensary that and helped develop and promote the "Khalifa Kush" strain, he now no longer pays for cannabis.

In 2014 researchers in the U.k developed an app called, "Spider in da house", which helped identify house spiders. They discovered the peak month of spiders moving indoors is September and most are males seeking mates.

A part of the brain called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, that rids us of thoughts that arent helpful. We use it to suppress natural (comfortable) intuitions that we know are incorrect; such as the sun rotating around the Earth. Its one of the last brain areas to develop in young adults.

A German power washing company donates its cleaning services to monuments around the world, including Christ the Redeemer, the Seattle Space Needle, and Mount Rushmore. Besides being a nice philanthropic venture, this has helped them develop new techniques as they work on abnormal monuments.

Flying insects first developed their ‚wings‘ as solar panels to absorb more light. That helped them jump and glide at first, but quickly resulted in them starting to use them as actual wings with the purpose of flying.

Valspar paint is working with a company to develop glasses for the colorblind. Glasses that help them see colors they've never seen before.

Eisenhower gave his "Atoms of Peace" speech in 1953 and helped reduce some of the tension regarding the development of atomic bombs. A 1955 meeting of the major powers further helped to reduce the threat of atomic war.

The anti-inflammatory polysaccharides in zucchinis can help protect against inflammation that would damage the GI tract and the cardiovascular system. This anti-inflammatory benefit may also help to protect against the development of type 2 diabetes.

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