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40 days and 40 nights from the Bible wasn't literally 40 days and 40 nights - 40 was just an ancient hebrew expression used to describe a non-specific long period of time

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The meaning of the word "Demon" acquired its negative connotations from the Hebrew Bible and consequently the New Testament. Originally from the Greek word δαίμων (daimōn), it denotes a benevolent spirit or divine power.

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  1. The Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in caves in the Judaean Desert from 1945-1956 in 11 caves contain 981 different manuscripts having great historical & religious significance as they include the 2nd oldest manuscripts included in the Hebrew Bible along with extra-biblical manuscripts.

  2. Septuagint scholars, in charge of translating the Bible into Greek, may have mistranslated the Hebrew word for 'young woman' into the Greek word for 'virgin', resulting in the prophecy: 'Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son...'

  3. The name "Jesus" in the Bible is the result of translating "Yeshua" from Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English. The direct translation from Hebrew to English is "Joshua"

  4. Egypt is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible almost seven hundred times, and it is referred to another 25 times in the New Testament, making it the most frequently mentioned place outside Canaan in the Bible

  5. The iconic number 666 (number of the beast) from the Bible was actually a code for someone who really existed. In the original Greek and Hebrew text, 666 is translated to Nero(n) Caesar.

  6. "Palestinian" comes from Hebrew "Pelishtim" (Aegeans with no connection to Arabs), which appears in the bible hundreds of times but never in the Koran. Prior to 1948, the press commonly used the term "Palestinians" to refer to Jews living in the area of Israel, not to Arabs.

  7. Michelangelo statue 'Moses' featured horns on his head due to a mistranslation of the Hebrew Bible into the Latin Vulgate Bible.

  8. The Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament are not identical, and that there are 9 extra books in the Christian Old Testament.

  9. A team of 15 biblical scholars worked from the oldest copies of reliable texts, variously written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greeks to create the The New International Version Bible. First published in 1978, it ensured a high quality translation in modern English

  10. Cannabis was name of ingredient in Holy Anointing Oil used in Bible. Hebrew word used is "Kaneh Bosem"

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American Sign Language can be written down using ASLwrite and is being used to create comics, posters and translations for the Hebrew Bible.

The representation of food in the Hebrew Bible does not necessarily (or even often) reflect the reality of the Ancient Israelite diet. The Promised Land said to flow with milk and honey was actually bland unleavened cakes and parched grain - source

Cyrus the Great, founder of the Achaemenid Persian Empire, is the only non-Jew to be referred to as 'Messiah' in the Hebrew Bible. - source

Black people are the original Hebrews in the Bible.

Most scholars suspect Urim and Thummim were objects involved in the divination/cleromancy in the Hebrew Bible. - source

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In the Bible, the Hebrew word 'nephesh' meaning 'throat', is commonly translated in English bibles as meaning 'soul'. 'Nephesh' literally means 'throat', and has no connection to the idea of a non-physical immortal essence of a person.

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The Adam's apple is from a Latin mistranlation of the Hebrew words for "man" and "bump". Also, the bible doesn't specify what kind of fruit Adam was tempted to eat.

When The Bible was translated, the word "God" came from the Hebrew word "Elohim" which directly translates as multiple gods, implying that Christianity wasn't always a monotheistic religion.

The Land of Goshen is named in the Bible as the place in Egypt given to the Hebrews by the pharaoh of Joseph. Goshen is described as the best land in Egypt, suitable for both crops and livestock

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