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Harvey Milk had an ongoing sexual relationship with a mentally disturbed 16-year old boy

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Oliver Sipple, a man who thwarted an assassination attempt on Gerald Ford. After being outed in the press as gay by Harvey Milk, he was disowned by his family, became an alcoholic and died alone of pneumonia.

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  1. Sean Penn won his second Academy Award for Best Actor for his roles as Harvey Milk in the 2008 movie Milk.

  2. The "Infamous Twinky Defense" was not actually a defense at all... it was used to show Harvey Milk's assassin was depressed, not that they caused him to become murderous

  3. About the assassination of Harvey Milk, an openly gay politician. He and the Mayor of San Francisco were both shot multiple times and both killed. The murderer claimed that it wasn't his fault because he was suffering from depression. He was sentenced to seven years in prison.

  4. Dan White, after assassinating the Mayor of San Francisco and Harvey Milk, pleaded "twinkie defense" and had his murder charges lowered to manslaughter - only serving 5 of a 7 year sentence.

  5. The the first openly gay city supervisor elected in San Francisco, Harvey Milk was assassinated and his bleeding body was discovered by fellow city supervisor and current US senator Dianne Feinstein.

  6. Dianne Feinstein was the person who discovered Harvey Milk's body after he was assassinated

  7. A San Francisco official Dan White shot dead the city's Mayor George Moscone & Harvey Milk. He was acquited of murder because he had eaten sugary snacks the night before.

  8. When Dan White assassinated San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and City Supervisor Harvey Milk, a gay rights icon, in 1978, his lawyers argued that Twinkies stoked his insanity

  9. About the Twinkie Defence. Dan White, who assassinated Harvey Milk and mayor George Moscone got manslaughter by claiming he was depressed and eating twinkies was a symptom.

  10. During the 1978 trial of Dan White, who assassinated openly gay San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk, his lawyers argued that his consumption of sugary foods, notably Twinkies, resulted in depression, which led to him murdering Milk. White received 7 years for voluntary manslaughter.

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