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The Chinese government has forcefully harvested organs from roughly 65,000 political prisoners

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A husband mercy shoots his wife (who was on life support because her initial suicide attempt was interrupted) then commits suicide next to her in the hospital so that their organs could be harvested to save other people.

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  1. China employs mobile "death vans" to carry out its executions, of these 65% result in harvested organs.

  2. A young farmer in India has broken the world record rice harvest by 3 tonnes per hectare using only organic methods.

  3. Hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of Chinese have been detained in labour camps or prisons since 1999 where they are subject to abuse, torture, and organ harvesting because they practice Falun Gong

  4. China harvests organs from political prisoners and, consequentially, has the world's shortest wait time for organ transplants

  5. China is allegedly engaged in mass organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience, with 41,500 unexplained organ donations.

  6. The Chinese government has been widely accused of harvesting and selling organs from imprisoned practitioners of the Falun Gong spiritual practice and other political prisoners.

  7. China is harvesting organs from live "prisoners of conscience", performing more than 4,000 organ transplants per day. The EU parliament has passed resolutions against it but they've gone basically unnoticed

  8. In 2014 a New York hospital came under fire after incorrectly declaring a woman as brain dead following a drug overdose. The woman awoke shortly after being taken to the operating room for organ harvesting.

  9. There is strong evidence to suggest the Chinese government has been secretly harvesting organs from members of a persecuted spiritual group known as Falun Gong, to meet the demands of people in need of organ transplants.

  10. China has one of the largest illegal organ harvesting programs in the world with the "donators" not even knowing they'll getting their vital organs removed

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China has a fleet of mobile Death Vans they use to put prisoners to death and harvest their organs

China harvests the internal organs of detained prisoners, including Tibetans, underground Christians, and practicioners of the peaceful Falun Gong spiritual movement. - source

The waiting time for an organ transplant in China is so low, that it could only come from people being killed "on demand" in order to harvest their organs.

The Black Volga, a myth originating in eastern Europe. The Black Volga is a black limosime, driven by a spectre, or some other malevolent being. The purpose being to abduct people for blood harvest, organ theft and other nevarious acts. - source

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Japanese scientists are developing melt-resistant ice cream using an organic chemical extracted from strawberries. The idea was inspired by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami and subsequent research on how to salvage damaged strawberry harvests.

Organs for trade from china are literally harvested from Falun Gong members

In order for doctors to harvest organs, the patient's body still has to be alive. This means that the "dead donor rule," requiring patients to be dead before organ harvesting, is a misnomer.

Harvesting organs when brain dead?

Scientists have successfully created human-pig hybrid embryos, and aim to one day let them actually be born so they can harvest their organs.

China has been killing and harvesting organs from political dissidents by the thousands(in particularly Falun Gong practitioners) in secret. And it is still going on today.

China has been oppressing, murdering, and illegally harvesting the organs of a peaceful religious group called Falun Gong for 15 years.

The Chinese government is estimated to kill 60,000-100,000 political prisoners a year to harvest their organs. Many of whom are Falun Gong.

Organs are being harvested in China's "re-education camps"

China is harvesting and selling organs from prisoners of conscience.

Chia has been harvest organs from people wrongfully detained for over 15 years.

China has been harvesting organs from live prisoners for 20 years..

China forcefully harvest organs from detainees

During and after the Kosovo War the Kosovo Liberation Army ran a clinic out of a farmhouse in Albania where kidnapped ethnic serbs were killed and their organs harvested for sale on the black market. The investigation/coverup is ongoing today.

China harvests the organs of members of the religious group Falun Gong on demand. China has the shortest wait time for organ transplants in the world, despite not having a significant organ donor system.

Chinese government kills prisoners of conscience to supply the organ harvesting industry in China. One lung transplant surgery was performed only 4 hours after a sick patient reached a hospital and was diagnosed.

Planned parenthood harvests the organs of unborn babies, only to sell them later for a profit.

In 2008 a surgeon in California was charged with three felonies, accused of hastening the death of a patient specifically so he could harvest the organs for transplant. (He was eventually acquitted.)

In the Terminator franchise there was a Cyberdyne model called the I-950; an entirely organic infiltrator unit that was grown from the ova harvested from attractive resistance members and controlled by a processor in the brain.

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