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In the 1920s, a man falsely claiming to be a doctor implanted goat testicles into people across the US as a cure for all diseases. He was condemned by the AMA and media, but ran for governor of Kansas in 1930, narrowly losing after thousands of votes for him were questionably disqualified.

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John Brinkley, known for transplanting goat testicles into men, also ran a “border blaster”. His radio station, XER, was permitted to broadcast at one million watts by the Mexican government. Strong enough to be heard as far away as Canada and through metal fences and dental appliances locally.

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  1. From 1917 through the 1930s, fake physician John Brinkley made millions of dollars by implanting goat testicles in men's scrotums to restore their virility. The placebo effect often helped patients. Unfortunately, at least 42 men died from infections following their operations.

  2. In the 1920's, a man went to see fraudulent doctor John Romulus Brinkley for impotence and the doctor joked that surgically inserting goat testicles into his own would cure him. The man begged him to do it and the "surgery" soon became wildy popular, netting Brinkley $750 per operation.

  3. A con artist once sold a fake cure for male impotence which involved cutting open the scrotum of his victims and inserting goat testicles then sewing them shut.

  4. John Brinkley sewed goat testicles into men's scrotums to make them fertile. Didn't work.

  5. The first radio station in Kansas was used by the owner to promote his belief that "goat testicles could be implanted in men to enhance their virility."

  6. According to Norse mythology Loki tied a rope around his testicles for a Tug-Of-War with a goat.

  7. John Brinkley, an American doctor who got rich transplanting goat testicles into human scrotums to cure impotence. Brinkley used his fortune to start the border blaster era of radio stations and launched the careers of Gene Autry, Jimmie Rogers, and The Carter Family, among others.

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In 1919 the practice of infamous medical charlatan John Richard Brinkley, who implanted goat testicles in men to restore fertility, took off when his first patient fathered a baby boy.

Dr. John R. Brinkley became nationally famous in 1918 for his impotence cure. He replaced men's testicles with those of a goat. - source

About John R. Brinkley. A man who claimed to be a doctor and made millions from owning his own radio station which he used to promote goat testicle transplants as a means to cure impotence.

A doctor used to claim to cure impotence by surgically implanting goat testicles into a man's scrotum - source

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Dr. Leo Stanley—a surgeon who attempted to “reinvigorate” male virility by taking the testicles of deceased prisoners and farm animals—mainly goats—and sew them to sterilized prisoners. Stanley then performed the experiment on himself and ended up dying at the age of 90, with no children.

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