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The Hope diamond glows a brilliant red for several minutes after being exposed to UV light.

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The U.S. Army has a list of approved laundry detergents. These detergents do not contain optical whiting compounds, which would cause laundered uniforms to glow in UV light, and stick out in night-vision imaging.

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  1. Tonic water contains Quinine, a medication originlly used to treat malaria and babesiosis, which also glows under a UV light.

  2. Scorpions evolved to glow under UV light and nobody is sure why.

  3. Chameleon bones are fluorescent in UV light, and can even be seen through their thin skin. The more visible glowing patterns of tubercles (bony projections) can help identify a chameleon's species and gender.

  4. Korean scientists cloned puppies who glow red under UV light

  5. Diamond fluorescence which effects about 30% of diamonds and causes them to glow under UV light.

  6. Tonic water contains quinine, which is fluorescent. Therefore, tonic water will glow under UV light.

  7. Calcite is also phosphorescent in that after being disconnected from a non-visible UV light, it still glows.

  8. Flying squirrels glow pink under UV light and scientists aren't sure why

  9. Scorpions glow under UV lamp. Scientists believe that production of fluorescent substance is associated with molting.

  10. Scorpions glow under black light. Certain molecules in a part of a scorpion's exoskeleton absorb the UV light and emit it as wavelengths of visible light that appear blue-green at night.

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Scorpions glow under UV light and nobody knows why

Fluorescence of visible wavelengths under ultraviolet (UV) light has been previously detected in a wide range of birds, reptiles, and amphibians and a few marsupial mammals. It was recently discovered in New World flying squirrels, they glow a brilliant, bubble-gum pink under ultraviolet light. - source

Scorpions are fluorescent, glowing a vibrant blue-green under UV light. The newest theory explains this extreme sensitivity as a whole-body light measuring device so they can tell if they've found suitable (sun-blocking) shelter when fleeing a predator, without having to actually look.

Scorpions glow a blue-green color when hit with a UV light in the dark. - source

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‘yooperlites’ are normally grey syenite rocks that have no special visual qualities but when shone with a UV light with glow a persistent yellow color making them one of the prettiest natural rocks I’ve ever seen.

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Tonic water glows bright blue under UV light because it contains quinine

In 2011 scientists inserted jellyfish genes that code for fluorescent proteins into a domestic cat, creating a cat that glows under UV light.

US dollar bills have security strips that glow under UV light

Fluorite glows when it is exposed to UV light.

A fluorescent lamp's phosphor coating is what emits a visible light. UV light waves from excited mercury vapor cause this coating to glow.

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Scorpions glow bright blue under UV light, yet the scientific community still doesn't know the purpose of this adaptation!

The European Central bank prints official 0 Euro bills with genuine watermarks and glows under UV light just,like a real bank note.

Chameleon skeletons can glow through their skin under UV light. This trait is quite common among deepwater marine species, but incredibly rare among land dwellers, with chameleons being one of the few species to exhibit biofluorescence.

Scorpions glow when exposed to UV (black) light

Cat piss glows when exposed to UV light and can be used in the cyanotype toning process(blueprints).

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A new Technology of working with carbon fiber. It's called Forged composites. It was developed first by Lamborghini and about strontium aluminate a powder that glows after being exposed to UV light or sunlight. Found out there are rings made of both material.

Uranium glows green when exposed to UV light

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