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Taco Bell originally started out as a hotdog stand in 1948. Glen Bell, the founder, reverse engineered the taco recipe from a popular Mexican restaurant across the street. He then reopened as a taco stand that would later become Taco Bell.

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Taco Bell was founded by Glen Bell who watched long lines of customers at a Mexican restaurant. He ate there regularly, attempting to reverse-engineer the taco recipe, and eventually persuaded the owners to show him how they were prepared. With this knowledge, he opened a stand selling tacos.

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  1. Taco Bell started as a hot dog place in 1946; curious to why the Mexican food across the street brought in so many customers; Glen Bell began eating there every day to study their secret. In 1952 he opened up first taco place--eventually becoming Taco Bell in 1962.

  2. Glen Bell, founder of Taco Bell originally sold burgers and hot dogs across the street from Mitla Cáfe in San Bernardino, CA. He eventually copied their recipe and started his multi-billion dollar company.

  3. Taco Bell originally sold hot dogs under the name “Bell’s Drive-in” and is named after the founder, Glen Bell.

  4. Glen Bell of taco Bell is pretty much responsible for del taco and taco tia, as well

  5. The "Bell" in Taco Bell originates from the founder's name, Glen Bell

  6. Taco Bell is named after its founder Glen Bell.

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