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Gladiators in Ancient Rome used to carry product placements out in the arena; This was present in an early script for Gladiator (2000), but was removed out of fears that it would be viewed as anachronistic

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The music commonly associated with clowns in circuses was written by Julius Fucik. It was originally titled *Entrance of the Gladiators* and was meant to represent slaves marching into an arena to fight to the death.

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  1. The Roman Emperor Commodus would fight in the arena as a gladiator. His opponents consisted of giraffes, citizens missing limbs and wounded roman soldiers. For every appearance in the arena he charged the city of Rome 1 million coins.

  2. Gladiators carried out product endorsements in the arena. Ridley Scott left this tidbit out of the movie "Gladiator" for fear that this would seem anachronistic.

  3. Bulgaria has a hotel with an ancient Roman gladiator arena in the lobby. The arena was found during construction, so they incorporated it into the hotel.

  4. In ancient Rome, a gladiator was only someone who fought against other men. If you were in the arena facing wild beasts, you were called a bestiarii. There were two types of bestiarii: those condemned to die in such a manner, and those doing it voluntarily, for pay or for glory.

  5. Roman Emperor Commodus, fought in the gladiator arena, often against animals. He once fought 100 lions in a single day, He killed 3 elephants single handed and was so good with a bow, he could headshot an ostrich at full gallop.

  6. The emperor Commodus frequently entered the arena as a Gladiator... slaying wounded soldiers, amputees, the physically ill, and helpless lions/elephants/giraffes. He would charge the city of Rome 1 million sesterces for each appearance he made, "straining" the economy.

  7. Ancient Romans liked their entertainment, often held in arenas known as coliseums. Popular sports included gladiator fights, and chariot races, as well as events that resulted in the death of people, became popular.

  8. The Roman Gladiators had a diet that was mostly vegetarian, according to an analysis of bones from a cemetery where the arena fighters were buried.

  9. To the opposite of Gladiator, the real-life Commodus was in fact the only Roman Emperor in history to fight as a gladiator in the arena. However, he did it several times, not just once. Also, he was not killed in the arena but was strangled in his dressing room by an athlete named Narcissus.

  10. When the US Navy began construction on the Pearl Harbor naval facility, remains of an ancient arena were discovered, where gladiator fights were held between men and sharks.

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In Frank Herbert's Dune there is a drug called 'Elacca' that would be administered to gladiators before arena combat. The drug would eliminate the user's will for self-preservation and pigment their skin orange.

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