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The worst stadium accident in recorded history occurred in Rome around 140 AD, when the top tier of the Circus Maximus collapsed, killing more than 13,000 people.

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Examples of buildings constructed for public use from ancient Roman architecture include the Baths of Trajan, Baths of Diocletian, Baths of Caracalla, Tower of Hercules, Circus Maximus, Curia Hostilia, and Hadrian's Villa.

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  1. The word 'cereal' comes from Roman goddess Ceres, and in her festival known as Cerealia, the Romans used to tie blazing torches to the tails of foxes, and then let them loose into Circus Maximus.

  2. When the Sampoong Dept. Store in Seoul, South Korea collapsed in 1995, killing over 500 people, it was the deadliest building collapse since the Circus Maximus collapse in c. 140 AD.

  3. The venatios, or beast hunts, held in the Roman Forum and Circus Maximus during the reign of Augustus Caesar resulted in the death of over 3,500 elephants.

  4. The Colosseum with its gladiatorial fighting were the second most popular sport venue in Ancient Rome after Circus Maximus where 250,000 people could watch chariot racing.

  5. The Circus Maximus, a chariot racing stadium and venue, built in ancient Rome in 600 B.C.E. At its peak capacity, it was able to seat up to 150,000 spectators. If the Circus Maximus was still in use today, it would still be the highest capacity sports arena in the world.

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