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In 1859 the first submarine communication cable was laid across Bass Strait, beginning at Cape Otway, continuing via King Island, Three Hummock Island, Stanley Head, and then George Town. It failed completely in 1861.

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Jeff Bezos and George Strait are cousins through Bezos's grandmother

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  1. The first European to actually explore the strait was George Weymouth, in 1602.

  2. The 80s song ‘Baby Blue’ By George Strait Was About His Daughter Jennifer Who Died in a Car Wreck in 1986 at the age of 13

  3. NASA astronaut Rick Husband requested the country song “Amarillo By Morning” by George Strait as his wake up call for his hometown and family in 2002. A year later, he was killed commanding the Columbia when it was lost in re-entry. “Amarillo By Morning” was played on mission STS-114.

  4. The artist with the most #1 hits for a specific genre charts is a country musician named George Strait, bringing in 60 #1 hits on country charts. Which makes Strait, the top artist in the history of music to have the most #1 hits in a specific genre.

  5. Country music legend George Strait and the wealthiest man in the world Jeff Bezos are cousins.

  6. The artist with the most number one songs and top five songs in the history of music of any genre, is a country singer named George Strait.

  7. Country legend George Strait has garnered 61 No. 1’s on country charts, which makes Strait the top artist in the history of music for No. 1 hits for a specific genre.

  8. Country music singer George Strait has more #1 songs than any other artist in any genre, with 60 #1 songs.

  9. George Strait's 19th country music number one, "Love Without End, Amen" was the first song of his to spend more than one week at number one. His previous EIGHTEEN number ones only spent one week at the top. He has had 61 country number one songs.

  10. A man, George Schuster, drove a car from New York to Paris in 1908 hoping to cross the frozen Bering Strait to Siberia, he finished, but did have to take a boat at one point because the Strait was not frozen enough for driving - also snowplows did not exist...

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George Strait - Chill of an Early Fall (1991) [country]

Jeff Bezos and George Strait are cousins. - source

About ‘The River’, a 1984 drama film starring Mel Gibson as a farmer fighting a utilities company for their farm based near river to be dammed. It was filmed 30 minutes from my hometown. The soundtrack contains songs by George Strait, my favorite musician. - source

Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, George Strait, Whitney Huston, The Temptations, Diana Ross, Rhianna, and Elton John (music only) never wrote their own songs.

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