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The name of the music genre in the Star Wars universe is called Jizz.

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Country Music Has the Most Drug References in Any Genre, including rap

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  1. The videogame music genre has become a main income source for concert halls ever since traditional classical music performances declined in popularity over the years.

  2. 'Death Discs' - or 'Splatter Platters'- a type of Pop music to emerge in the late '50s-mid '60s. Sung by teen artists, themes centred on tragic deaths and suicide. The sub-genre was seen as the first musical expression of teen - especially teen female - angst.

  3. "Nintendocore", a musical genre that combines elements of video game theme music and sound effects to modern punk rock or metal.

  4. Dogs appear to prefer reggae and soft rock over other genres of music, according to researchers.

  5. Researchers in Scotland conducted a study on the effects of music on dogs' behavior. They played a variety of music to dogs and assessed physiological and behavioral changes. The dogs responded most positively when they were played reggae and soft rock over other genres of music.

  6. The 1977 blackout in NYC lead to the global spread of hip hop music, as the looting of DJ equipment helped the proliferation and growth of the genre

  7. The musical genre of Hip Hop got its name from The Sugarhill Gang's "Rappers Delight." Most people didn't know the actual name of the song; they just knew the beginning lyrics of, "I said a hip hop / Hippie to the hippie / The hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop..."

  8. There is a genre of music called Black MIDI named so due to it's appearance as a thick, dense, black nest of potentially millions of notes when transcribed to sheet music.

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genre music fact data chart about My music genre trends over the past few years
My music genre trends over the past few years

genre music fact data chart about UK: Music genres of all upcoming concerts as listed on Bands
UK: Music genres of all upcoming concerts as listed on Bandsintown, proportionally

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There's a genre of music called "Nintendocore". It's a mix of melodic metalcore and chiptune (8-bit music), named as such because it often samples music from Nintendo games.

The typical 70s porn music is actually a genre known as "Porn Groove" - source

A genre of music called "chap hop" which advocates the wearing of tweed, growing a mustache, drinking gin or sherry, smoking a pipe and generally just living a dandy lifestyle, in a gangster hip hop style - source

Ryo Kawasaki, a Japanese jazz guitarist and quantum physicist who is credited with inventing the first guitar synthesizer with Roland and Korg, creating four synthesizer programs for the Commodore 64, as well as developing and popularizing the fusion music genre

Keyboards are used in a wide variety of music genres including rock, pop, gospel, jazz, blues, alternative and many more.

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The clarinet became very popular with jazz musicians in the early 1900s. It was an important instrument in this genre well into the 40s in the big band era of music.

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Black MIDI is a genre in which composers cram as many notes together as possible in a MIDI file to achieve unique sounds. When you write it out in sheet music, the bars get "blacked" out by the notes, hence the term "Black MIDI".

One of the most famous mandolin pieces in the rock genre is the one in the song Maggie May by Rod Stewart played by Ray Jackson.

There is a genre of music called Black Midi: songs of average length that can feature over 280 million notes

There is a musical genre called Black MIDI. It is made up of MIDI files used to create compositions that feature staggering numbers of notes. When you look at the music in the form of standard notation, it looks like almost solid black.

Hip-Hop music has the largest vocabulary of any popular genre of music

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genre music fact infographic about Classification of music genre in the GTZAN data set

Classification of music genre in the GTZAN data set

genre music fact infographic about Teaching music to an AI and seeing it identify genres. Based

Teaching music to an AI and seeing it identify genres. Based on inputting 200 songs from 20 genres

What genre music is billie eilish?

Mexico has a genre of accordion polka-based music that's about drug smugglers.

House music" received its name from its place of origin, The Warehouse club opened in Chicago in 1977. The genre was pioneered by Frankie Knuckles, born in the Bronx, who is today known as the "Godfather of House"

There's a 4-act musical where the only song is Smash Mouth's "All Star" sang in different genres and styles

While commonly used in traditional music, the bagpipes have also been used in less traditional music genres such as metal, hip hop, punks, classical, and rock.

There is an obscure sub-genre of music called Danger Music. It is based on the concept that some pieces of music can or will harm either the listener or the performer.

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Other early fans of the Hammond organ included Count Bassie and Fats Waller, and it continued to gain popularity in a variety of music genres including rock, pop, gospel, jazz, and blues.

The genre of music played during the Star Wars cantina scene is called 'Jizz'

There is a genre of Mexican music called "narco-corrido" that consists of polkas and waltzes whose lyrics glorify gangsterism and drug trafficking.

Charanjit Singh who made an album in the now popular Acid House genre. Released in 1982 it was so far ahead in time that it was a failure commercially. Some music commentators credit him as the pioneer of Acid House music.

Genres of music most commonly associated with synthesizers include house, techno, techno, electronic, and dance, but it is also used in many other music styles.

There is a sub-genre of EDM called IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) which considers itself more "cerebral" and better suited to "home listening" than dancing.

Black Midi: a music genre compassing a visual and audio usage of digital music to such an extent that if written on paper would only appear blacked out. The notes scroll downward by the millions in various colors to create shapes and sounds simultaneously

There is a genre of music called “Sovietwave”. A type of synth pop, extremely reminiscent of Soviet themes.

There is a secretive genre of electronic music called Black Midi which uses almost every single note at once

There is such a musical genre called Murder Ballads; songs solely dedicated to retelling a murder.

Hip hop did not originally refer to solely a genre of music. Instead, it originally referred to an entire arts culture of the 1980s South Bronx, including graffiti, DJing, and b-boy dance.

Glockenspiels have been popular musical instruments for centuries in classical music but they are also popular in modern music styles as well. They can be heard in jazz and hip hop, rock, folk, and almost every other genre.

There is a sub genre of Heavy Metal music known as Doom metal. Doom is an extreme style of heavy metal that typically uses slower tempos, low-tuned guitars and a much "heavier" sound than other metals intending to evoke a sense of despair, dread, and impending doom.

There is a strong correlation between a music genre preferences and openness to experience. Those who rate high in openness like music which is complex, novel, intense, and rebellious of all genres.

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