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A woman was sentenced to life in prison for poisoning her child to death with antifreeze. She gave birth to a second child while in prison, who was given to foster care. But he became sick with the same symptoms, indicating a genetic metabolic disorder, not poisoning. She was later released.

how genetic disorders are inherited?

Five mental disorders (autism, ADHD, bipolar DO, major depression, schizophrenia) have been found to overlap, and all share genetic roots

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  1. There is a genetic disorder which makes the affected person have an uniquely happy personality and an interest in water

  2. There is a genetic disorder that causes its sufferers to have, among other things, a friendly disposition, an elf-like appearance, and perfect pitch.

  3. Ligers continue growing throughout their entire lives due to a genetic disorder called growth dysplasia. They grow twice the size of their Tiger mama's and Lion papa's. The largest cat in the world is a 922lb Liger.

  4. There is a genetic disorder that causes a constant feeling of starvation. Left unchecked, sufferers of Prader-Willi Syndrome can eat until their stomachs rupture.

  5. Danny Devito has a rare genetic disorder that affects bone growth called Multiple epiphyseal dysplasia. MED causes short stature in adults, short arms and legs, joint pain, deformities in the hands, feet and spine and early osteoarthritis.

  6. Kentucky has a population of "blue-skinned" people due to a genetic disorder caused by inbreeding

  7. Pure bred dogs are vastly more likely to have a genetic disorder than mixed breeds.

  8. "Lethal White" syndrome is an autosomal genetic disorder that is most common in American Paint Horses where foals are born all white with blue eyes and appear to be normal but internally they have a non functioning colon which results in a very painful death after only a few days.

  9. A woman was sentenced to life in prison for poisoning her child to death with antifreeze. She gave birth to a second child while in prison, who was given to foster care. But he became sick with the same symptoms, indicating a genetic metabolic disorder, not poisoning. She was later released.

  10. Urbach-Wiethe disease, a rare genetic disorder that damages the amygdala and causes people to be unable to experience fear.

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What genetic disorders can be detected by karyotyping?

Why genetic disorders are rare?

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Laron Syndrome, a genetic disorder that results in a highly decelerated rate of ageing and near immunity to cancer and diabetes.

There's a rare genetic disorder known as testotoxicosis. As the name implies, it only affects males. Affected men will reach puberty at just 2 or 3 years old. - source

Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes individuals to have a very sociable and friendly personality. It is often called the opposite of autism. - source

In 2007, a Swiss woman was unable to enter the U.S. because she had no fingerprints. She had a rare genetic disorder called "Adermatoglyphia" or "Immigration Delay Disease", where a person is born without fingerprints. It is only known to occur in 4 extended families on earth.

Liz Taylor had a genetic disorder that gave her extra eyelashes and purple eyes. - source

When genetic disorders occur?

Legendary bodybuilder Flex Wheeler is renowned for having a perfectly symmetrical body. It was discovered that he has an extremely rare genetic disorder - the ‘exon 2’ gene. This allows him to build twice the amount of muscle compared to a normal person

How genetic disorders occur?

Genetic research shows people with major depression are at an increased risk to carry symptoms from four other mental disorders: autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

There is no species of animal that is a black panther. "Black panther" is just a term for any large sized feline with a genetic disorder that causes melanism, giving them their black appearance.

The average life expectancy for people with Down Syndrome is 60 years - but for African Americans with the genetic disorder, it's 35 years.

Consumption of fava bean can trigger favism, genetic disorder which manifests in rupture of erythrocytes (hemolytic anemia). All people diagnosed with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (type of enzyme) deficiency should avoid fava bean.

Uner Tan Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder causing people to walk on all fours.

When do genetic disorders occur?

Ainu dog is generally healthy breed. However, 1/3 of all Ainu dogs suffers from Collie eye anomaly, genetic disorder that can result in blindness.

About the Fugates, a family which lived in isolation in the Kentucky Appalachians for over 150 years. Due to inbreeding, the family developed a rare genetic disorder called methemoglobinemia, which turned their skin blue.

Despite the genetic disorders the Amish often do not get the diseases associated with modern life. They live a healthier lifestyle and have lower rates of cancer, even among those who smoke.

Leon Botha: one of the world's oldest survivors of progeria (rare genetic aging disorder) and frequent collaborator with notorious South African rave-rap group Die Antwoord

Peter the Wild Boy - a feral child who in 1725 was found to be living in the woods outside of Hamelin Germany. He is believed to have been abandoned because of a genetic disorder known as Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome

How genetic disorders are treated?

Genetic health professionals do not disclose misattributed paternity unless given permission by the mother. Thus, if their child has a genetic disorder which can only come from the father and the woman chooses nondisclosure, the man incorrectly assumes he is a carrier of the disorder.

All Amish in the U.S. are descendants of about 200 founders from the 1700s. This presents a particular set of health problems due to genetics. Many of the health problems are metabolic disorders.

World Down Syndrome Day is March 21st (3/21). Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder where affected individuals have 3 copies of chromosome 21.

Saudi Arabia promotes practice of marriage between close relatives which has produced high level of several genetic disorder including thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, spinal muscular atrophy, deafness and muteness.

There's a genetic disorder that causes your bones to be abnormally brittle. Like with Wolverine, one of the treatments is to surgically enhance your bones by grafting metal to them.

A genetic disorder called 5-alpha reductase deficiency can lead to a baby being born appearing to be female, before spontaneously changing sex at puberty to male.

The dysgenic effect, in which a reduction of natural selection pressures and infant mortality in modern times have led to an increased propagation of undesirable human traits(eg. low intelligence) and genetic disorders.

A man who lost his legs at the age of five from a genetic disorder climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro on his hands and in his wheelchair while raising funds for charity

There are babies with 3 genetic parents. If a couple is likely to pass on a mitochondrial disorder doctors can do a Mitochondrial transfer. This works by replacing the damaged mitochondria in the mother’s egg with healthy mitochondria from another woman’s donor egg giving child DNA from 2 mothrs

Adermatoglyphia: A genetic disorder that causes people to be born without fingerprints.

A genetic disorder called Maple Syrup Urine Disease exists, aptly named because one of the symptoms is the production of urine that smells like maple syrup

Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome is a rare inherited genetic disorder that causes uncontrollable self injury starting at age 2 with biting of the lips and fingers. Virtually all patients are male and females carriers are usually asymptomatic but can transmit the trait to their male children

DNA pioneer James Watson announced his belief that the increase in diagnosed hereditary disorders might be due to parents having children later in life and said that genetic material should be collected from people not older than 15 for the later production of children

Progeria, a genetic disorder which causes aging at an early age. People with this disorder usually die from age related illnesses at around 13 years of age

About Spinraza, a drug used to treat a rare genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy that costs $125,000 per injection or $750,000 a year.

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