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Google wants to stop people using the term "Google" as a verb meaning to search something up with an internet search engine. They believe that due to brand recognition, Google will become a generic term, and hence cost them the legal right to a trademark.

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A brand name becoming 'genericized' can lead to the creator losing copyright. For this reason, companies desperately try to avoid their product names becoming the generic term for an item like Band-Aid or Photoshopped.

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  1. Companies such as Google, Lego and Xerox regularly work to avoid the risk of their trademarked names becoming genericized, because if those terms become fully generalized terms for 'internet search', 'interconnecting plastic block' or 'photocopy', then they could lose those trademarks.

  2. Though the term has become genericized, “Seeing Eye dog” is a registered trademark reserved for guide dogs trained by The Seeing Eye, Inc., the oldest existing guide dog school in the world.

  3. Solitaire is not the name of any specific card game. Instead, it is a generic term for any tabletop game that can be played by one person. The game we usually refer to as "solitaire" is actually called Klondike.

  4. Bunker fuel is the generic term given to any fuel poured into a ship’s bunkers to power its engines. Deep sea cargo ships typically burn the heavy, residual oil left over after gasoline, diesel and other light hydrocarbons are extracted from crude oil during the refining process. It's very toxic

  5. Budweiser" is a generic term for any beer that comes from Budweis, Czech Republic.

  6. Soldier" is not a generic term, but rather an infantryman in the Army. Navy personnel are called Sailors. Air Force personnel are called Airmen. And Marines are just called Marines.

  7. Dumpster, Styrofoam, and Velcro are all brands that are used as generic terms.

  8. "Tater Tots" are trademarked by Ore-Ida, but are often used as a generic term of these type of potatoes. Other companies seem to use "potato puffs" and the likes of that.

  9. "Domestic" is the "proper" term for a mixed breed cat (like mutt for dogs). Domestic Short/Long Hair cats are the generic mixed breed cat with long or short hair.

  10. Styrofoam is a trademark brand name. The generic term is EPS Foam.

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Mt. Dew was originally a nineteenth-century generic term for whiskey, especially Highland Scotch whiskey.

The world's oldest existing perfume company was started in 1709 in Cologne, Germany, by Giovanni Maria Farina. His fragrance was so popular and widely plagiarised that its name became a generic term: "Eau de Cologne". - source

The term Genericised Trademark refers to brand names that have become so common they have become the generic term. Example: Kleenex instead of tissue - source

In 1967, the US Patent Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruled the term 'Montessori' is generic. Therefore, in the U.S., the term can be used freely without giving any guarantee of how closely, if at all, a program applies Montessori's work.

The term "Zamboni" is actually a genericized trademark name of an ice resurfacing machine and is not the actual name for the machine. - source

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The generic name for the then-trademarked term "Trampoline" is "rebound tumbler"

The reason my Grandmother called a sofa a Davenport was because sofas made by the MA furniture manufacturer AH Davenport and Company, were so popular it became a generic term for sofa.

The Russian company Dendy, who opened up the video game market in Russia through counterfeit NES consoles and at one point acted as a generic term for games consoles.

"Mediterranean sea" can actually be used as a generic term for a type of sea and there are 8 "mediterranean seas" around the world.

"Pinkie mouse" generically describes a wide range of live or frozen mice that are fed to reptiles and amphibians. It's also a specific term describing a particular size and age of feeder mouse.

Shasta is a generic term that means "Teacher, Guide, Lord, Ruler" in Sanskrit. It is also the name of a mountain in California, Mount Shasta.

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Tannoy is actually the brand name of a loudspeaker company, not a generic term. The name is an abbreviation of 'tantalum alloy'.

In Mulan, Fa Mulan chooses the name 'Ping' because it is a generic name for a soldier. What she does not realize is that her full name, Fa Ping, means 'flower pot' a slang term for an effeminate man.

Despite being commonly used to refer to Real Estate Agents, Realtor is a trademarked term and a range of attempts are made to prevent genericization.

Beef can only be called Kobe if it comes specifically from the Kobe region. Wagyu is a generic term for Japanese beef, “wa” meaning Japanese and “gyu” meaning cow.

The term "Hell's Half Acre" became almost a generic name for the red-light district in many frontier towns, including San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Tascosa, Texas.

Only dogs trained by The Seeing Eye, Inc., of Morristown, N.J., are properly called Seeing Eye® dogs. The Seeing Eye is a registered trademark. The generic term for dogs trained by other schools is "guide dog."

There is no such thing as a panther. The term 'black panther' is just a generic word for black jaguars and leopards

Apple attempted to patent "multi-touch" however, the US government denied it because it "considered the term generic".

"Tater Tots" are trademarked by Ore-Ida, but are often used as a generic term of these type of potatoes. Other companies seem to use "potato puffs" and the likes of that.

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