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During WWII chemists dissolved in acid large Nobel Prize medals with the engraved names of Max von Laue and James Franck to hide them from Germans. Solution of black liquid in two unmarked jars sat on a laboratory shelf. After the war the Nobel Foundation recast them and returned to the owners.

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Bohr came up with the idea to dissolve a number of scientists" Nobel Prize medals in aqua regia to prevent the Germans from confiscating them during the occupation; the gold was precipitated after the war and the Nobel Foundation recast them.

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  1. Niels Bohr and Georgy de Hevesy hid two Nobel Prizes from the Nazis by dissolving them in a vat of acid. After the war de Hevesy reversed the process and The Nobel Foundation recast the gold as new medals.

  2. Two of the Nobel Prizes were dissolved into acid and left on a shelf in a university. This was to keep Nazis from confiscating them. After WWII, the gold precipitate was sent back and the Nobel Foundation recast the two awards and gave them back to the scientists a second time.

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