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Linus Pauling, a Nobel prize winner in chemistry, was a eugenicist. He urged that human carriers of defective genes have a compulsory visible mark - such as forehead tattoos - to discourage potential mates with the same defect, having kids together.

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American chemist Linus Pauling finished high school two credits short of achieving a diploma, but the school decided to award him one 45 years later after he had won two Nobel Prizes.

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  1. In 1932 he published a scale and numerical value for most of the elements using their various properties which became known as the Pauling Electronegativity Scale.

  2. Zewail was honored in 1990 as the first Linus Pauling Chair in Chemical Physics, and later was appointed to the President's science advisory committee, the Presidential Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), under President Barak Obama.

  3. In 1925 he graduated summa cum laude with a PhD in physical chemistry and mathematical physics.

  4. By 1951 Pauling had turned his attention of the chemistry of proteins and he correctly predicted the helix structure of protein structure.

  5. His graduate research was on the use of X-ray diffraction to determine the structure of crystals and he published seven papers on the crystal structure of minerals while at Caltech.

  6. In 1951 Linus Pauling used X-ray crystallography to formulate his model of the helix model of amino acids which greatly influenced the future work of Watson and Crick.

  7. It is primarily for this work that he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and his book The Nature of the Chemical Bond is considered one of the most influential books ever written in the field.

  8. In 1930 he was promoted to full professor and in 1931 he received the American Chemical Society's Langmuir Prize.

  9. In 1926 Guggenheim Fellowship to study under Arnold Sommerfeld, Niels Bohr and Erwin Schrodinger and Pauling became interested in using quantum mechanics in the electronic structure of atoms.

  10. Linus Carl Pauling was born in Portland, Oregon to a poor family.

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From 1925 to 1926 he was professor of theoretical physics and Linus Pauling did postdoctoral studies with him.

Eugenics was supported by such names as Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Linus Pauling, H.G Wells, Herbert Hoover, among others. - source

Pauling made significant scientific contributions to several different fields and is considered the father of molecular biology.

In 1922 he graduated with a degree in chemical engineering and entered graduate school at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

Linus Pauling, who was the first person to receive a Nobel Prize for Chemistry AND a Nobel Peace Prize. He was instrumental in the development of quantum mechanics, as well as an activist against the nuclear arms race. - source

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They were also the first to prove that Mendelian inheritance influenced proteins which ushered in the field of molecular genetics.

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Linus Pauling-adored scientist of renown and winner of two Nobel prizes-suggested that carriers of sickle cell genes should have tattoos on their foreheads to discourage fellow carriers from mating with them.

In 1949 he and his colleagues published 'sickle Cell Anemia, a Molecular Disease" which was the first proof that an abnormal protein could cause a disease.

He fell in love with chemistry while in high school and, in 1916, decided to drop out of high school to earn the money to attend Oregon State University.

After World War II he and his wife, Ann became peace activists and in 1955 he joined Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell and eight other scientists in signing the Russell-Einstein Manifesto warning against the dangers of nuclear weapons.

He worked as a machinist for a year to afford the tuition and in 1917 entered the University.

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Two time Nobel Prize winner and arguably greatest chemist in history, Linus Pauling, incorrectly predicted the structure of DNA in a 1953 paper titled "A Proposed Structure For The Nucleic Acids". His structure was wrong for many reasons; most importantly his structure was not actually an acid.

Nobel Prize winning chemist Linus Pauling was good friends with Robert Oppenheimer at Caltech, but their relationship was cut off after Oppenheimer hit on his wife

After his second year at the University he was offered a post teaching quantitative analysis which paid enough for him to continue his studies.

In 1927 he accepted the post of assistant professor of theoretical chemistry at Caltech where he created Pauling's Rules on crystal structures.

The renowned biochemist Linus Pauling, one of only two people to be awarded Nobel Prizes in different fields, advocated for decades that vitamin C is a cure for numerous ailments, including the common cold and cancer. Pauling died of prostate cancer in 1994.

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Xenic acid is a compound of the "Noble" gas Xenon, whose existence was hypothesized by double Nobel laureate(Chem & Peace) Linus Pauling in 1933

He was among the first to discover that antigen-antibody binding is due to a complementarity between their structures.

Linus Pauling is the only man to have won 2 unshared Nobel Prizes for revolutionizing chemistry and molecular biology and a peace prize for activism opposing nuclear war testing. After retiring he also advocated Vit C in high doses as a partial cure for things from the common cold to cancer

The "Linus Pauling effect": the unsubstantiated belief that excessively high doses of Vitamin C cures the common cold, cancer, and even AIDS. Pauling's claims have been continually scientifically denied through several studies, even 50 years after his pronouncement.

Feynman sang "Orange Juice" with bongo drums after Linus Pauling wrote letters asking him to take 20 g of Vitamin C each day to fight cancer.

Linus Pauling believed that DNA was a triple helix.

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