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The song "House of the Rising Sun," most famously known from the recording by The Animals in 1964, is actually a much older traditional folk song with no known original artist, composer or place of origin.

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The song "Edelweiss" in "The Sound of Music" was written for the musical, but sounded so much like a classic folk song that after the first performances, native Austrians said they were delighted to "hear that old folk tune again"

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  1. The melody to the medieval English folk song "Nottamun Town" was considered lost to history until musicologists found isolated, illiterate, populations in Appalachia singing the song with a common melody and lyrics.

  2. Tupac Shakur's favourite song was the folk-pop 'Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)' by Don McLean and so on his deathbed his girlfriend played this song so it was the last thing that he heard.

  3. Woody Guthrie's popular American folk song "This Land is Your Land" has two lost verses that criticize capitalism and class inequalities in the US

  4. Queen guitarist Brian May jokingly asked the band bassist, John Deacon, to learn the double bass for the recording of his folk song '39. Just a couple days later, he found Deacon in the studio with the instrument, having already learned to play it.

  5. The Tetris theme is actually a Russian folk song called "Korobeiniki."

  6. The "Tetris" tune is actually a 150 year old Russian folk song in which a street vendor flirts with a customer while haggling over goods.

  7. The "captains daughter", in the popular Shanty folk song "What shall we do with a drunken sailor", is actually a punishment tool more commonly known as the Cat O Nine Tails.

  8. The song "Ol' Man River" changed a lyric from "Niggers" to "Darkies" to "Colored Folk" to "We all" over the course of 20 years starting in 1927.

  9. Rick James wasn't particularly excited about his hit song "Super Freak", but wanted to have something on his album "Street Songs" that "white folks could dance to".

  10. The word "dude" was coined by the traditional folk song "Yankee Doodle", and was originally used by the British to mock unsophisticated Americans

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The Led Zeppelin song "Gallows Pole" is a version of a centuries-old folk song. Traditionally the main character bribes the executioner to let them go. In the Zeppelin version the executioner takes the money but carries through with the execution.

The famous Tetris theme is a Russian Folk Song called "Korobeiniki" - source

Boston's transit authority has a payment method called "CharlieCard" named after a poor man in a 1949 folk song who was stuck riding a train forever because he couldn't afford the 5-cent surcharge to exit it. - source

The House of the Rising Sun is actually a traditional folk song written by an unknown author.

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Linda Ronstadt recorded an album of traditional Mexican folk songs as a tribute to her father and it became the best selling non-English-language album in U.S. music history.

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Not only does Brian May from Queen have a PhD in Astrophysics, but in 1975 he also wrote a folk song about the effects of time dilation in Einsteinian physics.

The melody of the iconic 'Tetris theme' actually comes from a 19th century Russian folk song called 'Korobelniki' (Коробейники)

The song 'Rising Sun' best known, 'House of The Rising Sun' originated in England as a folk ballad and there are broadside versions of it from early to mid 1700's. It "took a boat" to Appalachia before the Revolutionary war and then headed west to New Orleans and the composer is lost to history.

The folk song, "Jimmy Crack Corn (and I Don't Care) is about a slave who--possibly intentionally--caused the death of his master through negligence.

Misirlou - the song that plays in the opening to Pulp Fiction - is based off an old Mediterranean folk song about the forbidden love with an Egyptian girl

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In Tokyo at 5 pm nearly all over a childrens folk song plays over speakers everyday to let children know that playtime is over and it's time to go home

The "Tetris Theme Song" is actually an old Russian folk song.

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was obsessed with the folk song Shortnin' Bread. He recorded over a dozen versions of it and would perform it for hours at a time while high

The Säkkijärven polkka, a Finnish folk song which the Finnish Army played continuously over 1,500 times on Soviet radio-controlled mine frequencies to jam them during the Continuation War

Willy O'Winsbury is a Northumbrian folk song where a King returns from exile to find his beloved daughter pregnant by a servant, swears to kill the wretch but finds the man too beautiful to kill and makes him a Lord.

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Luigi Denza composed Funiculì, Funiculà in 1880 as an advertisement for a cable car ride. Other composers, such as Richard Strauss, incorporated the melody into their own works, mistakenly assuming the song was a traditional Italian folk song. Denza successfully sued Strauss for royalties.

The popular American folk song Yankee Doodle was sung by British soldiers to mock the rebelling colonists who they considered to be country rubes. The colonists quickly changed the lyrics and adopted it as their own to insult the British right back.

Dick Dale's surf rock track "Miserlou," made popular by the 1994 film Pulp Fiction, is actually a hundred-year-old Greek/Turkish folk song

Bob McGrath (best known for his role on Sesame Street) was a popular singer in Japan early in his career. He would sing Irish and other folk songs in Japanese.

The Russian folk song 'Korobeiniki' was rearranged and used as Tetris' main theme.

One of the most popular folk songs sung by Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War was titled "Goober Peas" in reference to the peanuts in their rations.

The unique Asian/African folk sound heard in M.I.A.'s Paper Planes directly uses the melody of a 1982 post-punk song from an English rock band, The Clash's "Straight to Hell"

About _Daar Kom Die Alibama_- a popular South African folk song about the Confederate warship Alabama that was built in Britain, commissioned in Portugal, and finally sunk off of the coast of France. The reparations the UK paid the US for the damages caused by the ship were used to buy Alaska

The writer of popular American folk song "This Land Is Your Land" was a Communist

There is a popular and mainstream genre of Balkan music called Turbofolk, which combines traditional folk music with modern pop elements and electronic instruments. It can sometimes be considered trashy, and during the Bosnian war there were songs that even bragged about committing genocide.

The melody of the song 'Those Were the Days' was originally from a Russian folk song.

Folklorist Vance Randolph proposed that the folk song "The House of the Rising Sun" refers to the house of King Louis the XIV, who was referred to as 'The Sun King' and chose the sun as his emblem.

Kaoma's "Lambada", one of Brazil's most successful export songs, is actually a cover of a Bolivian folk song

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