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Martin Luther King Jr. engaged in extramarital affairs throughout his life. "[MLK] understood and believed in the biblical prohibition against sex outside marriage. It was just that he had a particularly difficult time with that temptation."

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Alice Roosevelt, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, had a long-time extramarital affair with Senator William Borah. They had an illegitimate daughter together, Paulina Longworth, who Alice referred to as "Aurora Borah Alice"

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  1. While heart attacks during intercourse are rare, a statement by the American Heart Association said out of those that died during coitus, 82% to 93% were men, and the majority (75%) were having extramarital affairs.

  2. The Bear Mountain Compact is an unofficial agreement among members of the New York State legislature in which they agree to keep whatever happens in the state capital in Albany, such as extramarital affairs and other embarrassing behavior, secret.

  3. How the Gary Hart-Donna Rice scandal forever changed political reporting in America. It marked the first time - on May 1, 1987 - a candidate was aggressively staked out and exposed for an extramarital affair. Before then, the private lives of politicians were not openly reported in the press.

  4. Harding was accused of extramarital affairs, including a close friend of his wife, and a woman named Nan Britton who had a child that Harding paid child support for.

  5. A report published on May 3rd 1987 in the Miami Herald about Gary Hart, a two-time U.S. Senator and 1988 presidential campaign candidate, insinuated that Hart was guilty of an extramarital affair. One week later, Hart resigned.

  6. The Beatles' song Norwegian Wood is about an extramarital affair of John Lennon's, culminating in an act of revenge in which he burns down her house.

  7. When NYC Mayor Rudy Guliani was having an extramarital affair, he had his mistress chauffeured with taxpayer ride services.

  8. That, in 1590, Italian composer Carlo Gesualdo caught his wife having an extramarital affair with Duke Fabrizio Carafa of Andria and killed them both on the spot.

  9. People whose ages end in 9 tend to be more likely to seek extramarital affairs, run marathons and commit suicide compared with those whose ages ended in other digits

  10. Marie Curie was involved in an extramarital affair.

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70% of all males and 50% of all females who get married will have an extramarital affair at some point over the course of their marriage.

During the 1944 US presidential election, Franklin Roosevelt used wartime censorship rules to hide an extramarital affair and his poor health - source

Gary Hart, the clear frontrunner in the 1988 Democratic primaries until media allegations of an extramarital affair forced him to suspend his campaign. Nearly two-thirds of Americans surveyed thought media treatment of Hart was "unfair". George H.W. Bush would go on to become president. - source

About FBI-King suicide letter. An anonymous 1964 letter and package by FBI accusing Martin Luther King Jr of extramarital affairs and meant to blackmail him, implying he should kill himself.

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