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Honey bees ejaculate so forcefully that their penises explode. This kills the honey bee.

The worst maritime disaster in US history was Steamboat Sultana, where 1192 souls perished after its boilers exploded just outside Memphis. Not very many people heard about it since news coverage focused on the killing of John Wilkes Booth the previous day.

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  1. In 1958, Mao Zedong ordered the Chinese people to kill all the sparrows in the country to protect the rice crops. The effort backfired as, without the sparrows to eat insects, the locust population exploded and wiped out food crops, contributing to the starvation of tens of millions of people.

  2. In 1907 a Mexican railroad worker named Jesus Garcia saved an entire mining town by jumping onto a burning train loaded with dynamite. Realizing the fire was spreading, he drove the train in reverse downhill at full-steam for 6km before the dynamite exploded, killing him but sparing the town.

  3. When a drone bee mates with the queen, his orgasm is so powerful it causes his genitals to explode, killing the male and leaving his penis inside the queen. The explosion is so powerful, it's audible to human ears.

  4. On this day in 1907 a Mexican railroad brakeman named Jesus Garcia saved the entire town of Nacozari, Sonora by singlehandedly driving a damaged and burning train containing dynamite six kilometers away from the town before it finally exploded, killing him

  5. The deadliest school disaster in America took place in 1937, when a Texas elementary school exploded, killing 295 people

  6. There were 6 assassins sent to kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand and 1 of them threw a bomb that exploded under the wrong car. His assassination failed, he took a cyanide pill and jumped into the river. The pill only induced vomiting and the river was only 13cm deep. He failed at killing himself too

  7. In 1950, a Nebraska church exploded during what was meant to be choir practice. But no one in the 15-person choir was hurt or killed, because they were all running late for different reasons. No one was in the building when it went up in flames.

  8. A church choir had a practice session starting at 7:25pm one evening in 1950, and by 7:27pm the building exploded. No one was killed as they were all running late.

  9. The Columbine shooters had placed two propane bombs in the cafeteria which failed to explode due to poor construction and faulty wiring. Had those bombs detonated as planned, they would have likely killed or wounded all 488 students in the cafeteria

  10. In 2014 a British sniper in Afghanistan killed six insurgents with a single bullet after hitting the trigger switch of a suicide bomber whose device then exploded.

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The US Army had an experimental reactor that went to 6000 times its maximum power and exploded while testing a reactor for arctic radar outposts. The reactor had no containment vessel, and the entire crew was killed. The manager was stuck to the ceiling with a component shot through his groin.

The city of Crush, Texas was a temporary one day city created as a publicity stunt to exhibit two trains go full speed and collide. The impact caused engine boilers to explode resulting in a shower of flying debris on 40000 spectators. It killed 2 or 3 people and caused numerous injuries. - source

The worst maritime disaster in US history. On April 27, 1865. 3 of the 4 boilers on the steamboat Sultana exploded, killing 1196 people. The boat was 1779 people over capacity. The disaster is mostly overlooked due to John Wilkes Booth being killed the previous day - source

A man was killed by a lava lamp in 2004, when he chose to heat the glass section via stove. The lamp built up so much pressure that it exploded, and a piece of glass shot through his heart.

The "Worst X-Man Ever" is Bailey Hoskins. He has the power to explode once, since the blast would kill him. - source

Some mines are set to explode in response to changes in magnetic and acoustic fields. Sailors on minesweepers are not allowed to have wire coat-hangers because they could kill their magnetic signature and set off a mine.

Another assassination attempt to kill Hitler and high Nazi officials were made with explosive devices in the assassins coat pockets on a 10 minute timer during a tour, but failed due to Hitler leaving early only to give the assassin a few seconds to defuse the bomb before exploding

Badass of the Week: Lachhiman Gurung -- After a grenade exploded in his right hand Gurung was left bleeding, partially blinded and one armed. Then he grabbed his rifle, chambered a round, and shouted, "Now come and fight a Gurkha!". Killed 31 Japanese soldiers in 4 hours that night.

A church choir had a practice session starting at 7:25pm one evening in 1950, and by 7:27pm the building exploded. No one was killed as they were all running late.

On September 16, 1920, a bomb exploded on Wall Street outside the NYSE building, killing 33 people and injuring more than 400. The perpetrators were never found.

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At least one person has been killed by a lava lamp. In 2004, Philip Quinn decided to heat his lava lamp on the kitchen stove. The lamp exploded, shooting a shard of glass into his heart and ending his life.

One day Mao Zedong saw a sparrow eating grain. Thinking they were hurting China's grain supply, he launched the Four Pests Campaign and killed every sparrow he could find. Unfortunately, they mainly eat insects, not grain. The locust population exploded and 43 million people starved to death.

CIA Operation Mongoose tried to kill Castro with exploding cigars, shells to poisoned wetsuits, milkshakes, a former lover; character assassination via thallium to make his beard fall out and LSD. Castro: “If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal.”

In 1896 two 35 ton trains going approximately 60 mph were intentionally slammed into each other in front of 40,000 spectators in Texas. The resulting crash caused boilers to explode on both trains, instantly killing three people and injuring several more, some of which were over 1/2 mile away.

A 14 year old boy in China was killed anally after the gas cylinder in the base of his office chair (the part that allowed the user to adjust the seat up and down) exploded and sent chunks of the metal seat up his rectum, causing him to bleed to death.

When a male bee climaxes, his testicles explode, killing him.

In 1908, a meteor exploded over Siberia and flattened over 770 sq miles (2000 km) of forests. Though it disintegrated ~3 miles above Earth, it created an airburst with 1000x more energy than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Incredibly, only 3 people were killed.

On November 5th, 1983, 4 divers were killed when their decompression chamber explosively decompressed from nine atmospheres to one in a fraction of a second. One diver was sucked out of a 60cm diameter hole and literally exploded.

When Zhou Enlai found out about an assassination plot against him, he didn't try to stop it. Instead, he changed his flight plans and let the bomb explode on the plane he was supposed to be on, killing some of his subordinates.

In 1986, Big Bird was invited to join a NASA mission to orbit earth in order to get kids excited about space. The shuttle he was supposed to be on exploded and everyone on board was killed.

When 51 tons of dynamite exploded aboard the steamship Cabo Machichaco in 1893, a mooring cable launched by the blast hit and killed a person 8km away.

The top U.S. ace pilot of World War 2 got his kills by flying his aircraft as close to his targets as possible before firing, often getting hit by their exploding remains and on one occasion colliding with his target.

Hitler tried to kill Winston Churchill with exploding chocolate bars

The deadliest sniper in history was a small farmer from Finland named Simo Häyhä, who got over 500 kills in just over 100 days, used no scope, and survived getting shot in the face with an exploding round.

Pope Gregory IX told his followers that cats were associated with the devil. As a result, people started killing cats. With fewer cats around to hunt rats, the rat population exploded...leading to the spread of the bubonic plague.

A truck transporting Takata airbag parts was involved in a crash in Texas that caused the cargo to explode, destroying a house and killing a woman inside

Wang Diange, a Chinese man who was killed by a shell fired by the local weather bureau. The man was originally thought to have been killed by lightning. As he was being cremated, silver iodide inside of the shell exploded causing the chamber doors to fly off spectacularly.

The o-rings that failed causing the Challenger space shuttle to explode killing all on board were developed by a company owned and operated by the cult Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) and the prophet Warren Jeffs.

Dolley Madison and President John Tyler were aboard the USS Princeton when a canon exploded and killed several people. Dollie and the president escaped unharmed.

There are Exploding Lakes. A natural disaster where CO2 erupts from underneath a deep body of water and suffocates all the wildlife in its relative area. In 1986, Lake Nyos erupted this way killing 1700 people in Cameroon.

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