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Billionaire Daniel Keith Ludwig Had Frozen His Genetic Material, Believing His Estranged Ex-Wife's Daughter Might Challenge his Will. 40 Years Later, and after his Death, She Sued The Estate And Lost, Because DNA Analysis Proved He Wasn't Her Father.

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A man that killed his estranged wife, her daughter who was 14 months old & their son who was 4 with separate knives to not “cross contaminate” their blood & “allow demons inside them to live” & then plucked out his own eyeballs & ate them in prison was declared sane.

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  1. About how Tim Lambesis, the lead singer of As I Lay Dying, hired an undercover cop to kill his estranged wife.

  2. Peter Reyn-Bardt who confessed to having murdered his estranged wife 22 years earlier, after a woman's remains were found in a peat bog. Carbon-14 dating of the skull fragment later returned a date c. 250 AD - the wife's remains were never found

  3. Peter Sellers tried to change his will just hours before he died to prevent his entire fortune passing to his estranged fourth wife

  4. In a 2012 divorce proceeding, former NBA superstar Allen Iverson shouted to his estranged wife, "I don't even have enough money for a cheeseburger!" His wife then handed him $61.

  5. In 1950 a man rescued his estranged wife who he'd not seen for over two years from the surf, and her first words to him were "will you divorce me?"

  6. The estranged wife from Die Hard, actress Bonnie Bedelia is the aunt of Macaulay Culkin (and Rory Culkin and Kieran Culkin)!

  7. Prudence Farrow Bruns, sister of Mia Farrow, was dating Robert Durst when his estranged wife disappeared

  8. The US Department of Education has its own SWAT team and once raided a man's house on suspicion that his estranged wife was misusing federal aid.

  9. GNR's guitarist Slash wants to pay his estranged wife $6 point 6 million dollars plus $100k a month so he can move on with his life.

  10. John Wayne submitted a application to the OSS (CIA predecessor) during WW2 as his film career was taking off and was accepted. However the acceptance letter was sent to his estranged wife's house and she never told him. Wayne never served.

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In 1934, a woman took her estranged husband to the Pittsburg magistrates because she had been annoyed by him. The mayor sentenced the man to live with his wife for five days. The wife was not pleased and declared she would not let him enter the house.

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