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Escape velocity of Deimos, one of Mars's moons, is 20km/h - meaning you could easily throw something, or even ride a bike off a ramp, out of its gravity

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During a US nuclear test, a 2000 lb steel plate was blasted off the top of a test shaft at a speed of 41 miles/second. That is six times escape velocity.

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  1. When New Horizons launched, it became the fastest moving spacecraft ever built. When it's last engine shut down, it had already exceeded the solar system's escape velocity, and it passed the moon in just under 9 hours after launch.

  2. The fastest man made object that's ever moved was an iron manhole cover, which traveled at five times the earth's escape velocity at 0.02% the speed of light

  3. The 4 cosmic velocities: to orbit the Earth (7.9km/s), to escape orbit (11.2km/s), to escape the Solar System (16.7km/s), and to leave the Milky Way (130km/s)

  4. "actuarial escape velocity" refers to the point at which human life expectancy increases at least one year for every passing year. At this point, human lifespan is increasing (on average) faster than the onset of death.

  5. Only 5 objects have ever achieved enough velocity to escape our solar system. The initial speed required to escape the Sun from its surface is 618 km/s (1,380,000 mph). This drops down to 42.1 km/s (94,000 mph) at Earth's distance from the Sun (1 AU).

  6. In 1957, two tiny pellets were the first man made objects to reach escape velocity and to supposedly leave Earth

  7. Saturn's moon Pan has an escape velocity of only 13.42 mph (21.6 kph)

  8. The escape velocity of the 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet is only 1 meter/s, whereas the escape velocity of Earth is 11.186 km/s

  9. During Operation Plumbbob's Pascal-B test, a steel plate was launched into the air at about 56 km/s, 5 times the speed of Earth's escape velocity, by a nuclear bomb

  10. During the 1957 Plumbbob nuclear test series, a 900 kg (2,000 lb) capping plate made of steel was blasted away at a speed estimated to be between two and six times the escape velocity of earth. It was never found.

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The fastest man made object ever was a "manhole cover". A 4in thick metal cover above an underground nuclear bomb test flew at an estimated 125000 miles per hour. Five times Earth's escape velocity.

Emperor penguins use air to reduce drag and achieve greater escape velocity from water. - source

To leave planet Earth, an escape velocity of 11.2 km/s (approx. 40,320 km/h, or 25,000 mph) is required; a speed of 42.1 km/s is required to escape the Sun's gravity (and exit the Solar System) from the same position.

Ray Kurzweil is the first immortal human being as he claims to have attained longevity escape velocity by diligently incorporating cutting-edge biotech advancements - source

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You would have to be travelling at Mach 33 ( 33 times the speed of sound ) to reach "Escape Velocity" and leave the Earth's atmosphere. Approx 40,000 km/h.

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The 3rd fastest manmade object was an armor plated manhole cover that was traveling 34 miles per second or approximately 6 times the Earth's escape velocity.

Mars' smallest moon, Deimos, has an escape velocity of 5.2M/S, meaning that if you were run and jump while on it you will launch off like a slow rocket.

A manhole cover was once accidently launched from its shaft with enough speed to achieve escape velocity.

SDSS J0907 is an intergalactic hypervelocity rogue star going at the escape velocity of its entire galaxy.

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