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Daniel Kish, a man who despite losing his eyes at 13 months is able to navigate the wilderness, mountain bike and recognize buildings as far as 1000 feet away all completely independently through self-learned echolocation

explain how toothed whales use echolocation to navigate?

Humans are capable of using the same principles of echolocation that bats, dolphins, and whales use to navigate their surrounds; One of the better-known demonstrators of this phenomenon is Daniel Kish, a man who can ride a bicycle and hike in the wilderness despite having no eyes at all

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  1. Dusky dolphin has excellent sense of hearing and eyesight. It can easily navigate through dark and murky waters thanks to the echolocation. Dusky dolphin produces series of clicks and gets information about shape, size and type of objects in front of itself based on the reflected sound.

  2. Unlike other types of bats, Ryukyu flying-fox cannot use echolocation (ability of animal to produce sound and gets information about its environment based on the echo). Instead, Ryukyu flying fox relies on the vision and sense of hearing to navigate in the air.

  3. Daniel Kish, blind since he was 13 months old, uses echolocation to "see" the world around him. He can ride a bike and and navigate completely unassisted.

  4. Contrary to popular belief, all bats can see, but many use echolocation to navigate instead of using their sight.

  5. Not all species of bats use echolocation. Only one of the two main types of bats, the microbats, rely on the use of echolocation to navigate their surroundings and hunt for food.

  6. Ben Underwood, although blind, could navigate, play sports etc by using echolocation - not unlike a bat

  7. Ethan Loch, a blind 10 year old pianist who navigates using echolocation.

  8. Some blind people are able to navigate using echolocation

  9. Daniel Kish is a blind man who taught himself to navigate by echolocation (like bats) by making swift clicking sounds that reflected from objects around him. Using these reflected sounds, he makes a mental image of his surroundings. He now trains others to 'see' the world like he does.

  10. A Blind Man by the Name of Daniel Kish uses echolocation to "see" and navigate the world without a walking stick

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Why do bats and dolphins use echolocation?

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Blind people can learn echolocation to navigate

Bats are not blind. While about 70 percent of bat species use echolocation to navigate, all bats have eyes and are capable of sight. In addition, a certain species of bats cannot echolocate and have excellent night vision. - source

Blind people who navigate using clicks and echoes (echolocation) recruit the part of the brain used by sighted people to see. The echoes don't cause any unusual activity in the part of the brain used for hearing, but the information is extracted and passed on to the visual cortex for analysis. - source

Humans can navigate using a form of sonar. In fact it’s probably only one person who can do it and its a blind guy who got both eyes removed at 3y/o and uses something called echolocation which involves sharp clicking sounds with his tongue and he can fully scope out his surroundings.

Daniel Kish, a blind man, can detect objects and navigate through environments by echolocating. He is teaching other blind people and so experienced he can ride a bike. - source

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