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Two Undercover Agents repeatedly tried to buy marijuana at the Lagunitas Brewing company taproom, but were unable to make any busts as generous patron's kept trying to give them the drugs for free.

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A police department in Michigan staged a fake wedding - with undercover cops acting as the bride and groom - and invited local drug dealers to attend. At the reception, they busted them all at once.

What's the biggest drug bust in history?

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  1. Two Undercover Agents repeatedly tried to buy marijuana at the Lagunitas Brewing company taproom, but were unable to make any busts as generous patron's kept trying to give them the drugs for free.

  2. About China's biggest drug bust. A 'Breaking Bad' village in China that had 77 Meth labs and 20% of the villagers involved in the production and supply of more than a third of China's Meth output. The local police protected the operation and used police vehicles to move drugs around.

  3. Police are using drones for surveillance and drug busts, however the legality of their use is in question due to warrant issues.

  4. A 63-yo Roman Catholic Priest was was busted buying crack cocaine in the parking lot of a seedy NY motel. He explained to police that he had started smoking the drug after his sister was decapitated by her mentally ill son, who then jumped in front of an LIRR train.

  5. Richie Roberts was a cop who took down a major drug kingpin. He defended the same guy (for the offense he busted him for) after graduating law school.

  6. Donny Osmond hired a publicist in the 80's, who came up with a campaign to get Donny busted for drugs and change his image.

  7. A Michigan police department staged a fake wedding to execute a drug bust. The bride and groom, undercover officers, bought drugs from local dealers to gain their trust then invited them to their "wedding" to be arrested.

  8. Trey Radel, Man who Endorsed Drug Testing for Food Stamp Recipients, was Busted on Cocaine Charge

  9. At $1.6 billion, the 2009 drug bust of 30 tons of Captagon Pill materials is the biggest drug bust the Middle East has ever seen.

  10. DRUG LORDS LAIR 130ft+ underground biggest U.K. Bust to date

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What is the largest drug bust in history?

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In the record drug bust in history more than 18,000 KG of cocaine (worth 6.9 billion dollars) was seized in California. It all started off because a citizen had a 'bad feeling' after observing an 18-wheeler parked in front of a warehouse for an unnaturally long time. - source

Michigan Police staged an entire wedding in order to perform an undercover drug bust. Over a dozen "guests" were arrested. - source

Police pressured young woman into being a informant for a drug bust, she was supposed to buy 1,500 ecstasy pills, 1.5 ounces of coke, and 2 guns. The drug dealers killed her with the gun she was supposed to buy.

In Snohomish county located in Washington State a person will no longer get busted or go to jail for having drugs in their possession , whether it be heroin, meth, oxy , etc. as long as they have under 2 grams. - source

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Kansas has its first pit bull police dog. And he just made his first drug bust

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Police set up a fake wedding to bust drug dealers in Michigan.

Congressman Trey Radel, who voted for drug testing food stamp recipients, was himself forced to resign after being busted with cocaine

The DEA tried to lure a Washington DC drug dealer in front of the White House for a drug bust that President Bush could talk about on national TV, but the drug dealer didn't know what the White House was

A special drug task force named "The Panama Unit", created by the Sheriff of Hidalgo County, was sentenced to prison after flipping from busting cartels to escorting them for money.

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