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In 1944, the Dodgers, Giants, and Yankees played a "tri-cornered game," which consisted of all three teams competing against each other and rotating between fielding, batting, and resting.

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The New York Mets chose their colors of blue and orange to honor the history of the departed Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants, respectively. Coincidentally those are the same colors as the NYC flag.

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  1. The New York Mets' color scheme is officially Giants Orange and Dodger Blue, in recognition of the two National League teams that departed New York prior to the Mets entering through expansion.

  2. In 1944, a 3-way baseball game was played between the Yankees, Dodgers, and Giants to sell war bonds.

  3. About the first and and only three-way, 9 inning, baseball game on June 26, 1994 to raise money for war bonds. The Dodgers beat the Yankees and Giants 5-1-0.

  4. In 1944, America raised 56million in bond purchases by hosting a 3 way baseball game. Dodgers, VS Yankees VS Giants

  5. The phrase "nice guys finish last" originated from a conversation with Brooklyn Dodgers manager describing his opposition - the Giants

  6. The New York Mets official team colors are Dodger Blue and Giants Orange. The Dodgers nd Giants were both New York area teams before leaving for California.

  7. There was a 3 way baseball game in 1944, the game was Dodgers vs. Giants vs. Yankees

  8. In 1944, three NY baseball teams (Dodgers, Giants, Yankees) met in a single 3-team exposition game to raise money for the war effort

  9. The saying "nice guys finish last" came from Leo Durocher, baseball manager for the Brooklyn Dodgers, talking about the poor performance of the New York Giants in 1946. 2 years later, Leo started an 8-year career managing the New York Giants instead.

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