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Winston Churchill, whilst visiting the USA during the height of prohibition, got a doctor's note prescribing him "unlimited alcohol" constituting a suggested minimum of 6 shots with dinner.

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A woman who presented a forged doctor's note as an excuse for missing her sentencing for, that's right, forgery.

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  1. We know what potassium cyanide tastes like, because an Indian scientist left a note describing its taste as he committed suicide. "Doctors, potassium cyanide. I have tasted it. It burns the tongue and tastes acrid,"

  2. Alabama is the only U.S. state where a law prohibiting the sale of sex toys remains on the books, though Alabama residents are permitted to buy sex toys with a doctor's note.

  3. A 25 year old contestant on the French version of Survivor died during the first competition on the first day. A week later, the staff doctor of the show killed himself. His suicide note claimed the media was making unjust accusations and assumptions about him.

  4. Sgt Earl Hale. While taking six SS officers prisoner, one slashed Hale's throat. He survived and remained in the European Theater. Later, General Patton himself would berate him for being out of uniform until he produced a doctor's note excusing him from wearing the required tie.

  5. The only document with the taste of Cyanide written is the Suicide Note of an Indian Goldsmith who killed himself in 2006 by mixing a pinch of it in his liquor. He wrote “Doctors, potassium cyanide. I have tasted it. It burns the tongue and tastes acrid."

  6. The dying King George V was euthanised with morphine in 1936, according to doctor's notes, to ensure that his death would be announced in morning papers and not in the "less appropriate" evening papers.

  7. The Brazilian football player Sócrates, was a doctor of medicine, a degree he earned concurrently playing professional football. He was also noted for being an intellectual, a heavy drinker and a smoker.

  8. After Winston Churchill was knocked down by a car New York in 1931, his doctor issued a medical note that Churchill’s convalescence “necessitates the use of alcoholic spirits especially at mealtimes,” specifying 250 cc (8 oz) per day as the minimum

  9. To study wind currents, the US Navy sprayed San Francisco with S. marcescens, thought to be a non-pathogenic bacterium. Doctors soon noted drastic increases in pneumonia and urinary tract infections.

  10. Winston Churchill gets a doctor’s note to drink “unlimited” alcohol in Prohibition America

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Beri beri disease (thiamine deficiency), is named as such because it was noted, by a Japanese naval doctor, to predominantly affect low ranking naval crew on a basic polished rice diet. When weakened the crew would repeat “beri beri”, meaning “weak, weak” or “I cannot, I cannot” in Sinhalese.

Male students at Brigham Young University needed a doctor's note to grow a beard up until 2015 - source

A woman pled guilty to forging prescriptions and gave the judge a doctors note. This also turned out to be forged. - source

In 1873, Parliament ordered that the Prime Minister of Canada be taken into custody because he failed to show up for work without a doctor's note

Many schools ban kids from using sunscreen, unless they have a doctor's note - source

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It's illegal to sell ice cream in Newark NJ after 6pm without a doctors note.

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George Eastman invented the film camera, coined it "Kodak", and worked to make it affordable. When developing a degenerative spinal condition, he asked his doctor the exact location of his heart. He later shot himself in the heart, leaving the note, "To my friends, my work is done. Why wait?"

Male students at Brigham Young University need a doctor's note to grow a beard.

In Ontario, you need as little as a doctor's note to be able to call your pet a service dog; service animals do not have to be trained or certified by a recognized disability-related organization.

Many doctors are encouraged to write illegible notes as a defense against legal action. The reasoning: the defendant can testify to anything since no one can read the notes anyway.

U.S. landlords cannot deny legally deny residence or charge additional pet rent and/or pet deposits for tenants with emotional support animals [ESAs]. Your pet can be declared an ESA for a variety of issues, including depression and social anxiety, with as little as a doctor's note.

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Richard Branson offered Stephen Hawking a free ride to space abroad Virgin galactic and Hawking said he would be happy to die in space but noted his doctor may not allow it

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