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In 2011 a 99-year-old Italian man divorced his 96-year-old wife after finding her secret love letters from the 1940s, revealing she had an affair

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In 1997 a wife divorced her husband after she won over $1 million. She kept it a secret - but after he found out he sued her to get half. The judge ended up awarding all the wife's winnings to the husband

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  1. Steven Phillips, a man who spent 24 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. When he was released in 2008, he received $6 million in compensation. Then, his ex-wife, who divorced him while he was in prison, sued to get part of the compensation. She did not receive a penny.

  2. The official divorce complaint of Mary Louise Bell, wife of world-famous physicist Richard Feynman, was that "He begins working calculus problems in his head as soon as he awakens. He did calculus while driving in his car, while sitting in the living room, and while lying in bed at night."

  3. When the King of Thailand sued his first wife for divorce, she was unable to defend herself in court because of a law forbidding criticism of the King.

  4. Brigham Young, the second Mormon Prophet, was sued for divorce and alimony by plural wife Ann Eliza. He won the case by arguing the marriage was not valid because polygamy was not legal in the United States...thus, avoiding any alimony payments to Ann.

  5. The Plum Island Pink House. The wife in a divorcing couple forced her ex-husband to build a replica of their family home as part of the divorce settlement. She didn't specify the location, so he built it in the middle of a salt marsh and plumbed it solely with salt water. It's uninhabitable.

  6. A man can divorce his wife in Islam simply by saying 'Talaq' ('I divorce you') three times to his wife.

  7. After a doctor named Richard Barista was slapped with divorce papers from his wife, he sued her for the return of the kidney he gave her 8 years ago. He requested her to pay $1.5 million for the organ he donated and insisted his cash-for-kidney claim was a direct result of his wife's behaviour

  8. Marcia, George Lucas's ex-wife, got an Oscar for her editing and was behind some of the better ideas of Star Wars. She got very little credit after the divorce.

  9. Jason Lee divorced, and cut off all contact with, his first wife after she read an anti-Scientology book

  10. Despite Napoleon divorcing her so he could have an heir, his first wife Josephine is the ancestor of 5 of the current royal houses of Europe. Napoleon is the ancestor of none.

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During Larry Ellison's divorce shortly after founding Oracle, his wife forfeited her claim to the company in exchange for $500. Ellison is worth about $50,000,000,000 today.

Jerry Seinfeld met his wife while she was engaged to another man. She married the other guy in June 1998, went on a three week honeymoon, came back and moved in with Seinfeld, divorced her husband by October, and was engaged to Seinfeld before the year was out, November 1998. - source

Muzzammil Hassan, the founder of a TV network designed to combat negative stereotypes of Muslims, beheaded his wife because she filed for divorce - source

John Cleese's ex-wife is now worth more than him due to their divorce settlement

In 1998 a British man faked his own death to make his wife realise how much she missed him. He left his clothes on the beach and hid. It backfired as his wife divorced him after learning about it - source

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A Russian man ran out of money in a poker game and offered his wife to his opponent instead. He lost, and when his wife found out, she divorced him and married the winner.

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Famous physicist Richard Feynman's second wife divorced him because he would do calculus "while lying in bed at night."

In order to convince his first wife to agree to a divorce, Albert Einstein promised her the full monetary award when he wins the Nobel Prize. Three years later, he won the prize and transferred all the money to her.

Lou Pai a former Enron executive who cashed out $280 million in stock and left the company right before it collapsed, divorced his wife, married an exotic dancer, bought a ranch in Colorado for $12 million and later sold it for $60 million. He has never been charged with any criminal wrongdoing

1920s Bootlegger George Remus had one of the worst breakups in history. His wife, owning all his assets, divorced him, tried to have him deported, hired a hitman to kill him, and left him with $100 from a Multi-Million dollar empire.

Steven Spielberg's ex-wife received a divorce settlement of $100 million after a judge invalidated a prenuptial agreement he had written on a napkin.

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In the midst of the messy divorce, Charles Dickens referred to his wife as “dearest darling, Pig” and attempted to have her committed to an insane asylum so he could live with his 18 year old mistress.

In 2008 a man dressed up as Santa and used a homemade flamethrower and several guns to terrorize his ex-wife's family as revenge for their divorce

Robert Johnson, the co-founder of BET and America’s first African-American billionaire, paid out a massive $400 million to his wife Sheila in a 2002 divorce. The massive settlement was decided by Judge William Newman, Jr., who three years later married Johnson's ex-wife

A 99 year old man decided to divorce his wife of 70 years after finding letters from an affair she had 60 years before

In a 1925 divorce settlement a man was required by his ex-wife to build an exact replica of their former home, but she didn't specify where- so he built it with saltwater plumbing on a nearby island.

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Texas Billionaire T. Cullen Davis hired a hit man to kill his wife which caused the death of his stepdaughter. He later was caught on tape arranging for a hit man to kill his wife and the judge overseeing his divorce proceedings. He was acquitted both times.

When brought before McCarthy's 'House Committee on Un-American Activities' communist investigation, Ronald Reagan, then president of the Screen Actors Guild, named names when asked about actors in his union who could be 'communist sympathizers'. This resulted in his first wife divorcing him.

Bill Bixby, who played the original Incredible Hulk's David Banner, had a 7-year old son who died in 1981 of a rare infection. His wife committed suicide as a result of their loss. Bill's next marriage ended in divorce at the same time he was diagnosed with cancer. Bill died in 1993 at age 59.

Jack Whittaker, who won the largest jackpot in history and donated much of his winnings, before a string of horrible luck. He was robbed, lost his wife to divorce and his granddaughter and daughter to suicide. He later said that winning the lottery was the worst thing to ever happen to him.

A man faked his death to make his wife realise how much she missed him. He left his clothes on the beach and placed an anonymous call to police to say he'd just seen a naked man walk into the sea. But he was soon discovered and his wife filed for divorce after learning about the prank.

In the US, White husband/Black wife marriages are 44% LESS likely to end in divorce while Black husband/White wife is 50% MORE likely to end in divorce.

When actor Raymond Massey was divorced from wife Adrianne Allen they used, respectively, husband and wife divorce lawyers Dorothy Whitney and William Dwight Whitney. Raymond then married his lawyer Dorothy and Adrianne married her lawyer William

Six Million Dollar Man star Lee Majors often brought his wife Farrah Fawcett to play tennis with producer Aaron Spelling, who gave Farrah the role in Charlie's Angels that made her a star - and also led to her divorce from Majors.

When economist Robert Lucas and wife Rita Lucas split up in 1989, one of the conditions of divorce was if he won a Nobel prize within 31 Oct 1995, half of the prize money would go to her. Robert Lucas won a Nobel with $1 million for his theory about 'rational expectations' on 10 Oct 1995.

Neil Simon wrote an intentionally bad Broadway play because his ex-wife was entitled to the profits as per their divorce agreement.

In 1977 Marvin Gaye was ordered to give up half of the royalties of his next album to his ex wife during the divorce hearing. He then went into the studio and recorded an album detailing thier marrige and break up. He name it "Here, My dear"

A 1925 man sued his wife Alice, who was Black, on the basis that she had misled him into believeing that she was a White Woman. She was forced to undress in the courtroom to prove that her ancestry was obvious in an intimate setting, and won $32,000 in the divorce settlement.

Mitch McConnell's first wife became a feminist scholar after their divorce.

In 1966 J.D. Salinger's wife filed for divorce.

Marcel Duchamp, renown artist and chess enthusiast, relentlessly studied chess problems during his honey moon to the point that his wife glued the pieces to the board in the middle of the night in retaliation. They were divorced 3 months later.

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