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Whales can have up to 14 extra spleens. These extra spleens help oxygenate the blood of deeper diving whales.

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Technical and commercial divers will breathe a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, and helium known as trimix. Some of the nitrogen in air is replaced with helium to reduce the narcotic effect of breathing nitrogen under pressure, allowing them to dive deeper while maintaining a clear head.

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  1. Crocodiles will swallow stones and pebbles to dive deeper.

  2. The Sperm Whale poops right as it dives so that it can shut down that part of its body to conserve energy, thereby fertilizing the surface with nutrients found at deeper levels [1:30].

  3. Penguins are excellent swimmers. They can swim 15-20 miles per hour. They can keep their breath for 20 minutes and can dive deeper than any other bird.

  4. It is impossible to fart when scuba diving at 33 feet or deeper below sea level.

  5. Emperor penguins have been known to dive deeper than a blue whale (500m vs 565m)

  6. When scuba diving colours disappear the deeper you go.

  7. The emperor penguin can dive up to a depth of 1,850 ft (565 m) which is deeper than any other bird, and deeper than the operational range of most naval submarines.

  8. Penguins will swallow pebbles/rocks to help them dive deeper.

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