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Baking soda and dish soap (hydrogen peroxide) can be used to remove the smell of skunk spray. The oxygen molecules from the hydrogen peroxide bond with the thiols compounds present in the skunk spray, completely neutralizing the odor.

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Dawn dish soap is made from petroleum which makes it better at cleaning oil and grease, especially from animals affected by oil spills.

What dish soap kills fleas?

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  1. Trial and error showed Dawn dish soap cleans oil coated wildlife better than anything else.

  2. Bridge constructors use dish soap to slide bridges to their assigned place, reducing the required closing days for bridges to less than half the usual time.

  3. Some Ajax dish soaps feature the slogan "Stronger than grease!" as a pun to the character Ajax of Greek mythology who fought alongside Greece in the Trojan War

  4. Pepper,water and dish soap makes pepper retract

  5. To Unclog A Toilet With Hot Water & Dish Soap.

  6. A Latin American dish soap commercial ripped off the "Seinfeld" theme.

  7. (Dish Network TV) used to belong to Dawn Soap

  8. Dish soap can be a great laundry detergent to remove grease stains. I've tried it and haven't had any I Love Lucy moments...yet.

  9. Dish soap should not be used in a dishwasher and what to do if you have already used it

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What dish soap is safe for dogs?

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