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When Ed Headrick, the designer of the modern Frisbee and "Father of Disc Golf" died, he had his ashes molded into Frisbees. He said, "When we die, we don't go to purgatory, we just land up on the roof and lay there."

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Ed Headrick, the creator of Disc Golf. His dying wish was to have his ashes moulded into limited edition frisbees which his family wanted to sell to open a museum in his name.

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  1. The first recorded disc golf game was played in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1926

  2. Ed Headrick, the inventor of disc golf had his ashes put into Frisbees when he died

  3. The inventor of disc golf was cremated and his ashes were molded in memorial frisbees. "For years, he used to joke about saying he wanted to live on as a Frisbee"

  4. Man gets plowed in face with flying disc golf disc!

  5. Ed Headrick the creator of modern day frisbee's and the sport disc golf, when he passed away he had his ashes incorporated into a limited number of discs. The discs were given to friends and family and the limited remaining discs will be sold.

  6. Ed Headrick, the person who invented the modern Frisbee, and disc golf, was cremated and made into frisbees after he died.

  7. My local library allows people to check out energy efficiency kits, microscopes, laser tag sets, acoustic guitars, disc golf sets, sewing machines, garden tools and a whole lot more.

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A decade+ of competition between professional disc golf's best two players

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This is my 2017 Disc golf data from the UDisc app. I used excel to capture data, entering every round by day then created formulas to build these numbers. First time posting here h

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