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Dexter Holland from The Offspring graduated high school as valedictorian, has a PhD in Molecular Biology from USC, has his pilot license and flew solo around the world in 10 days, runs marathons, and has his own hot sauce company.

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In 2017, Offspring’s Dexter Holland Finished a Ph.D program in molecular biology. Publishing a 175-page dissertation on the molecular dynamics of HIV and general virus/host interactions.

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  1. The actors who played brother and sister on "Dexter" began dating, fell in love, got engaged, got married, and got divorced, all while continuing to play brother and sister on TV.

  2. Dexter Holland, lead singer of The Offspring, is a doctoral student and has co-authored a paper on microRNA in HIV genomes.

  3. Timothy Dexter, who faked his own death to see how people would react. 3,000 people attended his fake Wake. After he deemed his wife hadn't cried and grieved hard enough, he caned her.

  4. Lord Timothy Dexter, late 1700s American businessman, faked his own death, but after attending his own funeral and not seeing his wife cry, revealed himself and caned her for not grieving hard enough

  5. Dexter Holland, the front man of Offspring, is a PhD student helping study how... microRNA sequences can help fight against HIV. And while he was a young grad student at USC, he came up with the phrase "gotta keep 'em separated" while waiting for two petri dishes to cool off.

  6. The actor who played Detective Angel Batista (David Zayas) in the show Dexter, was an actual police officer in the NYPD for 15 years.

  7. Seth MacFarlane was originally a writer and animator for classic shows like Johhny Bravo and Dexter's Lab

  8. There is an episode of Dexter's Laboratory called "Rude Removal", in which Dexter and DeDe's niceness and rudeness turn into two separate people. The many swear words used by the rude clones caused this episode not to be aired, but it is available to stream online.

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A visual representation of how shitty the finale of Dexter was

dexter dexter fact data chart about A visual representation of how shitty the finale of Dexter w
A visual representation of how shitty the finale of Dexter was using based of imdb ratings

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Christine Cavanaugh, voice of Babe the pig, Chuckie from Rugrats & Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory died in 2014 of undisclosed causes

Dexter Holland, the lead singer, rhythm guitarist and songwriter of The Offspring has an MS in molecular biology, and in 2013 co-authored a paper on microRNA in HIV genomes. He owns a hot sauce company, and is a licensed flight instructor who has flown around the world on his own, in ten days. - source

Unlike green lantern rings, red lanterns are powered by rage. When a red lantern ring arrived on Earth, the most rage filled creature it found on the entire planet was a house cat named Dexter. - source

Christine Cavanaugh, the voice actress for Chuckie Finster and Dexter died a year ago today of undisclosed causes.

In 1903, a large pocket of underground gas was found in Dexter, KS. In the hopes of economic prosperity, a celebration was planned. The burning of the gas was to "light the entire countryside for a day and a night," but it just wouldn't ignite... and Helium was discovered. - source

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Timothy Dexter the 18th century American businessman, writer, and noted eccentric, faked his own death to see how people would react. About 3,000 people attended Dexter's mock wake. Dexter did not see his wife cry, and after he revealed the hoax, he caned her for not grieving enough.

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A 6 and 1/2 year old boy, Tyler Samuel Lee, won a contest to draw, write and voice a full episode of Dexter’s Laboratory

A Dexter's Laboratory TV Movie was made. It was the first Cartoon Network movie, surpassing The Powerpuff Girls Movie, and was Genndy Tartakovsky's last Dexter's Lab-based thing before making his next cartoon, Samurai Jack.

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Lumberjacked: Dexter Episode Ratings on IMDb

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Timothy Dexter, an american businessman in the 1800's, managed to build a fortune by embarking on ridicoulous business ventures, such as shipping coal to Newcastle, one of the foremost coal-exporting cities in Britain, which only succeded due to local workes having gone on strike.

A 16 year old boy killed his girlfriend and dismembered her because he wanted to be like Dexter from the TV Series

Dexter from Dexter's laboratory was voiced by two women, Christine Cavanuagh and Candi Milo.

Dexter Holland (The Offspring's lead singer) has a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Southern California.

Indri has round ears and yellow eyes that are facing forward. Their fingers are very dexterous, which is important for the fast movement through dense vegetation.

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Macho Man" Randy Savage voiced the minor character "Rasslor" in Dexter's Laboratory

Famous saxophone players include Jimmy Dorsey, Johnny Hodges, Lester Young, John Coltrane, Branford Marsalis, Ornette Coleman, Kenny G, Cannonball Adderley, Charlie Parker, Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins, Fats Navarro, Steve Lacy, Lee Konitz, Louis Jordan, Woody Herman, Stan Getz, Benny Carter, Jackie McLean, Ben Webster, and Dexter Gordon.

Co-stars of the TV show "Dexter" Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter fell in love, married, and divorced during the show's lifetime.

The creators of Johnny Bravo (Van Partible), The Powerpuff Girls (Craig McCracken) and Dexter's Laboratory (Genndy Tartakovsky) were at roommates at one point in time

There are at least three murders inspired by the series "Dexter", in addition to one attempted murder.

Sphynx has wedge-shaped head, narrow face without whiskers, well-developed cheeks, large eyes and large, bat-like ears. It has slender, muscular body and whip-like tail. Sphynx has dexterous toes that can be used for manipulation of various objects.

"Lord" Timothy Dexter, an eccentric 18th-century New England businessman faked his own death to see how people would react. His wife did not shed any tears at the wake, and as a result he caned her for not being sufficiently saddened at his passing

There is an episode of Dexter's Laboratory that has not been aired on tv, due to excessive profanity, called Rude Removal.

Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack, SW: The Clone Wars), Butch Hartman (Fairly Oddparents, Danny Phantom), Craig McCracken (Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home), and Rob Renzetti (M Life as A Teengae Robot, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic) were all classmates at CalArts

Raccoon dogs have curved claws and dexterous front paws which facilitate climbing on the trees and holding of the slippery prey. Raccoon dogs, like raccoons, sometimes wash the food.

Film maker, Mark Twitchell, was inspired by the TV show Dexter to build a kill room in his garage. He lured his victim there on a dating app. He planned on writing a story on “my progression into becoming a serial killer” but was caught. He is now watching Dexter in prison.

That, to prove their dexterity, Lexus master upholsterers must be able to perfectly fold an origami cat with their non-dominant hand in under 90 seconds.

Quintessential 80's "Nerd Actor" Eddie Deezen ("Grease", "Midnight Madness", Mandark on "Dexter's Laboratory") has had a second career writing about pop culture and trivia on the web.

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