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In the earliest surviving depiction of Jesus and the Crucifixion, Jesus is shown as a donkey. The image is a Roman graffito scratched on a wall in Rome somewhere in the 2nd century, apparently to mock Christians.

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Angel Lust (Death Erection) is when an erection in occurs in men after death. A number of Renaissance artists depicted a crucified Jesus with a death erection. This art was suppressed by the Catholic Church for several centuries.

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  1. France banned an ad depicting Jesus as a female because of its "intrusion on people's innermost beliefs"

  2. No one knows what Jesus looked like; "The artistic depictions down the ages have total and complete variation, which indicates that nobody did a portrait of Jesus or wrote down a description, it's all been forgotten."

  3. The oldest known depiction of Jesus is graffiti of a man venerating a crucified man with the head of a donkey, accompanied by the caption "Alexamenos worships his god"

  4. The depiction of Jesus as fair skinned, with fair hair and beard and light colored eyes comes from the Letter of Lentulus. Lentulus falsely claimed to be governor over Judea while Jesus was alive, and made up the description to impress a friend.

  5. One of the earliest visual representations of Jesus was a piece of graffiti depicting him with the head of a donkey

  6. In Peru guinea pigs are such a large part of the traditional cuisine that the Cathedral Basilica has a rendition of the last supper that depicts Jesus dining on guinea pig

  7. Only one of the stained-glass windows of the Baptist Church in Brimingham, Alabama remained relatively intact after the bombing that killed 4 innocent girls in 1963. It depicted Jesus Christ as a shepperd with his face blown-out.

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There were several designs to choose from. One was a depiction of the Christian cross. Another was a statue of Jesus holding a globe, while standing over a pedestal that was to symbolize the world.

In The Simpsons, God and Jesus are the only characters ever depicted with 5 fingers. - source

A number of Renaissance artists depicted Jesus on the cross with a "death erection", but the Roman Catholic Church suppressed the artwork for centuries. - source

Some Renaissance art depicted Jesus with a death boner

Pope Alexander VI ordered the destruction of all art depicting a Semitic Jesus and commissioned a number of paintings depicting a Caucasian Jesus. His son, Cesare Borgia, was the model for these paintings. Thus, the nastiest of all the Borgias, became the iconic Caucasian Jesus. - source

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Babies in Medieval paintings are ugly because they depict baby Jesus as "perfectly formed and unchanged"

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The Pope sometimes addresses the public in front of a sculpture depicting Jesus Christ rising out of a nuclear explosion.

During the 8th century, it was forbidden to depict the family Christ and art depicting Jesus or God was destroyed.

Two men were found guilty of blasphemy in the UK for a poem depicting Jesus as gay

The statue of the Resurrection in the Vatican. It is an 80 ton bronze/copper statue of Jesus rising from a bomb crater in the Garden of Gethsemane that is intended to depict the anguish of mankind living under the threat of nuclear war in the 20th century.

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The director of the first pornographic film in 1896 was possibly the first to depict Jesus in a film in 1897

The organization "Jews for Jesus" released a video "That Jew Died For You" in which Jesus was depicted being killed in Auschwitz

The UK ASA gave a rebuke against an ad featuring Buddy Christ, saying "..although the ads were intended to be light-hearted, their depiction of Jesus winking and holding a thumbs-up sign,...during Easter,... gave the impression they were mocking and belittling Christian beliefs."

When Mediterranean depictions of Jesus reached western Europe people were confused about his robes and though he was a bearded woman.

Jesus may have died with a type of erection called a postmortem priapism, or "angel lust". A number of Renaissance paintings of his Crucifixion even depict this.

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