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1 in every 14 people in the US under the age of 50 are estimated to have owned a copy of 'The Dark Side of The Moon' by Pink Floyd.

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Reading silently didn't happen until the dark ages, when monks took a vow of silence. Before that, reading was done aloud, which is why the Romans had no punctuation and instead, chanted words to rhythms. Reading silently uses an entirely different part of the brain.

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  1. Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance design supervisor Toby Froud was the baby in the Jim Henson movie, Labyrinth!

  2. Marketing to children, such as commercials and toys based off kids shows, was illegal in the United States until Ronald Reagan took office. He changed that law, which started the “Dark Ages of Animation.” This lasted until 1991, when Nickelodeon changed to focus on animators and storytelling

  3. Sylvester Stallone thinks having the Second Amendment is "like living in the Dark Ages" and has been described as "the most anti-gun person in Hollywood"

  4. About Heinrich Kramer who, after being obsessed with a woman who rejected him sexually, went on to write Malleus Maleficarum, a book that explained how to find and destroy witches, causing the beginning of the massive witch hunt during the dark ages and the countless murders of innocents

  5. The term "dark ages" do not refer to the period where science was shunned. It was a term coined by Francesco Petrarca in the 1300's, criticizing the lack of good literature following Rome's fall.

  6. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, spas and mineral springs became associated with brothels. This gradually led people to associate frequent bathing with disease and sickness during the Dark Ages.

  7. The medieval torture device known as the "Iron Maiden" was actually made up in the 19th century to "show the dark spirit of the Middle Ages in contrast to the progress of humanity."

  8. The Dark Ages may have literally been dark because of debris from a comet filling the atmosphere

  9. In cosmology there is a period known as the Dark Ages which began around 377,000 years after the Big Bang. During the Dark Ages, the temperature of the universe cooled from 4000 K (6740 F) down to about 60 K (-351.67 F). The first generation of stars formed a few hundred million years later.

  10. Cicero translated many of the Greek classics into Latin, which is how many of those works were preserved in western Europe during the Dark Ages.

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dark ages fact data chart about Japan has 10.6x the expected mortality rate of Uganda among
Japan has 10.6x the expected mortality rate of Uganda among those infected with Coronavirus, due to age demographic differences (Dark Red = Amount of Deaths)

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Female gives birth to 9 to 12 babies usually from March to April. Spiny bush vipers are 6 inches long at birth and have dark green bodies covered in wavy stripes. Young snakes attain adult coloration at the age of 3 to 4 months.

The Digital dark age, a time that may come when historical documents and pictures will be inaccessible to future generations due to out of date software, hardware and file formats. - source

Dalmatian gives birth to 6 to 9 puppies (up to 13) which are snowy white at birth. Dark spots start to appear at the age of 10 to 14 days.

Young dark-eyed juncos are ready to leave the nest 9 to 13 days after hatching and begin independent life 3 weeks later. They reach sexual maturity at the age of 1 year.

The 9-gate wall built around the spring known as Clepsydra was built during the Dark Ages. The wall was known as Enneapylon.

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A century-long drought in 2100 BC that collapsed empires, forced the ancient Egyptians into their own dark ages, and completely changed cultures in China and the Persian Gulf region.

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Eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate benefits health in many ways. In fact, chocolate is now considered an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory ‘superfood’ for the brain and body.

There is a widespread myth that says people of the middle (dark) ages thought the world was flat. "In fact, lecturers in the medieval universities commonly advanced evidence in favor of the idea that the Earth was a sphere."

The Greek Dark Ages were also known as the Homeric Age after the fabled poet Homer

Elephant seal can be grey, light or dark brown or tan-colored, depending on the age, gender and season.

In July of 2012 the Earth had a near miss with a solar flare that could have sent Earth back to the Dark Ages.

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Ayn Rand wrote a novella titled Anthem in 1937. It was published a year later. It was a dystopian work of science fiction set in a futuristic dark age.

Kittens are blind and covered with dark spots at birth. Female provides them with food even in the captivity. At the age of 68 weeks, young rusty-spotted cats attain adult coloration and become sexually mature.

In the middle ages a Bishop Named Gundulf built two fortresses. The Tower of London(white tower), The tower of Rochester(dark tower). J.R.R. went on to use these as inspiration for his characters and locations.

Hatchlings are 12 inches long at birth, grey or brown colored and covered with dark and light bluish dots on dorsal side of the body. Yellowish or pinkish belly is covered with brown spots. Their eyes are large, iridescent green colored. Young boomslangs have prominent vertebral stripe that will vanish before they reach adulthood. Boomslangs reach sexual maturity at the age of 2 to 3 years.

Tusks of woolly mammoth can be used to determine the age (number of rings on the cross section), health condition (thinness or thickness of the ring), and time of the year when animal died (dark rings were characteristic for the summer).

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Kittens are born blind. Their body is covered with thick and dark fur. After one month, they will open their eyes and start developing additional colors on the fur. Young ocelots are ready to begin independent life at the age of one year.

The "Dark Ages" were very poorly named (it was the age of algebra, international banking, and advances in medicine, science, and astronomy).

You can determine the approximate age of a Red Tailed Hawk by the darkness of its eyes.

The first Dark Age occurred between 1206 and 1150 BC

After kidnapping Hilderic & causing the Vandal & Gothic Wars which spread Plague, killing 25% of the Empire, Gelimer believed he had caused what we call the Dark Ages. His terms for surrender: a lyre to lament his sins, bread for his hunger, & sponge to wash the sands of Africa from his eyes.

What we think of as the Dark Ages were only "dark" for non-Iberian, non-Mediterranean Europeans.

While the Western world was experiencing "The Dark Ages" the Eastern Roman empire still thrived in Greece, Turkey and Egypt.(24:00)

DNA analysis of the remains of a 10,000 year old stone age hunter gather found in a cave in Cheddar, England showed he probably had "dark to very dark" skin, blue eyes, dark hair and lactose intollance. Today around 10% of native Britians are found to be related.

Knights would go from town to town in the dark ages competing in lancing competitions. Since there were not sworn to a lord they were known as a free-lance. Today the term endures, Freelancer!

The DNA of Ice Age Europeans showed they had dark complexions and brown eyes.

Western Civilization was brought out of the Dark Ages with this statement, "Even God cannot make a triangle greater than 180°"

About Faerie Tale Theatre, Shelly Duvall's 80's storybook series that is hilariously aged, readily dark, and delightfully star studded (LGT: Jeff Goldblum as the Big Bad Wolf, Steven Furst, Fred Willard, Billy Crystal as the Three Little Pigs)

How the Irish saved British civilization in the Dark Ages with monasteries and libraries after the fall of Rome.

The two Dark Ages in Egypt "c. 2200-2000 and c. 1200-900 B.C., can . . . be explained at once by a single primary cause": "drought-widespread, severe, and prolonged-lasting for several decades and occurring more or less simultaneously over the entire eastern Mediterranean and adjacent lands."

The "dark" ages is a quite misleading term: "In less than a century there were more inventions developed and applied usefully than in the previous thousand years of human history all over the globe."

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