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The largest loss of life at sea occurred in WW2 when a Soviet submarine torpedoed a cruise-liner filled with 10,000 Germans fleeing the Red Army. Only 1,000 people survived.

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2 people per month on average go overboard from cruise liners (231 people in total between 2006-2016).

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  1. The massive old cruise ship that's been moored in a shipyard in Philadelphia since 1996 is the SS United States, a luxury cruise liner used to transport JFK, Harry Truman and others and was the fastest liner to cross the atlantic

  2. A cruise ship is primarily for pleasure and often sails a circular route whereas an ocean liner is primarily a transportation method taking passengers from one place to another.

  3. A shipment of Mob drugs was hidden aboard the Costa Concordia cruise liner when it hit rocks off Italian coast and capsized.

  4. Many airlines skip rows 13 and 17 on planes due to both the numbers being considered unlucky in certain countries. It’s not just airlines that skip these numbers, some hotels and cruise liners don’t have decks on these floors either.

  5. In 2005, for Super Bowl XXXIX, the city of Jacksonville had to dock 5 luxury cruise liners at their port to act as temporary hotels in order to meet the NFL's requirement that a city have a certain number of quality hotel rooms close to the stadium.

  6. In 1898 there was a book written called "Wreck of the Titan" about the sinking of a luxury cruise liner deemed unsinkable after it struck an iceberg.

  7. The difference between a cruise liner and an ocean liner are, an ocean liner is a ship designed to transport passengers from point A to point B and cruise ships are built for the purpose of taking passengers on a journey that begins and ends in the same port.

  8. There is a difference between "liners" and "cruise ships" Interesting article.

  9. In 1934, the "Morro Castle", a luxury cruise liner, caught fire at sea and drifted onto the New Jersey shore. The person suspected of setting fire to the ship was never charged, but killed a friend years later

  10. In 1985 Palestinian terrorists hijacked the cruise liner Achille Lauro where they later executed Leion Klinghoffer, an elderly and wheelchairbound man, and tossed his body overboard. The PLO Foreign Secretary then claimed that Klinghoffer's killed her husband for insurance money.

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