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During WWI, no foreign coaling stations were available to Germany, and its coast was blockaded. So the Germans outfitted a sailing ship as a commerce raider and disguised it as a Norwegian woodcarrier - it sailed past the British blockade and captured 15 ships over the next two years.

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The US Navy engaged in only one action in the Pacific during WWI. A German commerce raider ran out of coal for its boilers and docked at Guam to resupply in 1914. Guam lacked coal, so it stayed moored for 3 years until the US entered the war in 1917, whereupon they promptly scuttled it.

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  1. About Felix Von Luckner, a World War I German commerce raider who sank 64,000 tons of British shipping and destroyed 14 vessels. With a three-masted old-school sailing ship. And all without killing a single person

  2. A confederate commerce raider, CSS Alabama, was secretly built in Britain despite claiming neutrality during the American Civil War. A deal was struck between cotton traders in Liverpool and the South. The US Govt later sued the UK in 1862 for $15.5m.

  3. In the American Civil War one of the most feared commerce raiders in the Confederate Navy, the CSS Shenandoah, sank or captured 38 Union merchant vessels and took close to one thousand prisoners... mostly in the Bering Sea off the Russian territory of Alaska.

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