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Jimmy Carter supported the elimination of all Federal criminal penalties for the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana in 1977.

Tyson Foods was forced to pay a $4 million criminal penalty for bribing inspectors

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  1. SBI agent and serologist Duane Deaver had falsely reported in about 200 criminal cases including seven death penalty convictions. In 1993 he withheld blood evidence at the trial of Greg Taylor who spent 17 years in prison before beeing declared innocent in 2010.

  2. Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the U.S., tried decriminalizing marijuana in 1977, claiming that "we feel criminal penalties that brand otherwise law‐abiding people for life are neither an effective nor an appropriate deterrent.”

  3. Until 1977 criminals sentenced to death in France were executed by Guillotine (with the exception of firing squad for crimes against the safety of the state). The last person to be executed in France was put to death in September 1977. The death penalty was abolished in French law in 1981

  4. In Canada the Criminal Code penalty for threatening to kill, poison or injure an animal is greater than actual animal cruelty, as the former can result in a jail sentence of 24 months, while being convicted of the latter can be punished with a fine of $2000, imprisonment for 6 months or both.

  5. there are civil and criminal penalties for interfering with a flight crew, including disobeying their repeated requests. Up to 20 years' imprisonment and $250,000 fine for criminal, 25k for civil. And Alec Baldwin was booted for such an infraction.

  6. That, under Hammurabi's Code, the severity of criminal penalties often depended on the identity of both the lawbreaker and the victim. Crimes committed against those of lower social standing resulted in more lenient penalties.

  7. A loophole in Wisconsin law allows someone to receive four first time OWIs without a criminal penalty.

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