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During a coup attempt in 1972, four Moroccan pilots intercepted a Boeing 727 carrying the Moroccan King and fired on it. The King (himself a pilot), grabbed the radio and told the rebel pilots, "Stop firing! The tyrant is dead!" Fooled, the rebels broke off their attack and the coup failed.

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While the Roman senate was debating about possible conspirators of an attempted coup, Julius Cesar received a note. Cato, who opposed to Julius Cesar accused him of corresponding with the conspirators and demanded the letter to be read aloud. The note was a love letter from Cato's sister.

What happened after the attempted soviet coup in 1991?

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  1. There was an attempted coup d'état in Japan the night before they surrendered to allies during WWII, in an attempt to stop the surrender and continue fighting.

  2. The original plan for the May 15 Incident, an attempted coup d'état in Japan in 1932, was to assassinate Charlie Chaplin to facilitate war with the US. When the prime minister was killed, Chaplin was with the prime minister's son watching a sumo wrestling match, which saved their lives.

  3. In 1933, US Steel, Remington Arms, J.P. Morgan, and Standard Oil joined the DuPont family in an attempt to overthrow FDR with a fascist military coup called the "Business Plot"

  4. Since 1932 Thailand has had 19 coups attempts, 12 of them successful.

  5. The German "day of fate". The proclamation of the Weimar Republic, Hitler's first coup attempt (Beer Hall Putsch), the Reichskristallnacht ("Night of Broken Glass") and the fall of the Berlin wall all happened on November 9th.

  6. Operation PBFORTUNE, organized by the CIA to overthrow the democratically elected Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz, was terminated when the coup attempt became too widely known

  7. Even after the U.S. dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, many in the Japanese military had no intention of surrendering, and even went so far as to attempt a coup to prevent Emperor Hirohito from issuing the surrender order.

  8. About Yukio Mishima a famous Japanese author, poet, playwright, actor, film director turned ultranationalist who attempted a coup d'etat by storming a JSDF headquarters and trying to rally the soldiers to help him restore power to the emperor

  9. Hardliners in the Soviet government and military upset with Perestroika and Glasnost nearly removed Gorbachev in an attempted coup in August 1991.

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The first President of Cyprus was an Archbishop with the name of Makarios III who survived four assassination attempts, one coup d'état and an invasion by Turkey

About the "Seychelles affair" of 1981, a failed coup d'etat attempt by South African mercenaries in the tiny island country. Most of the perpetrators escaped by hijacking an Air India flight to Mumbai. - source

During a 1985 coup attempt, Liberian leader General Quiwonkpa “was divided into pieces and the pieces were paraded around town, and then, in order to assume the strength of this bold pretender and in front of reliable witnesses, [rival Samuel] Doe's men ate him.” - source

Charlie Chaplin was a target in an attempted Japanese coup d'état that killed the Prime Minister. He was saved by leaving to watch Sumo wrestling.

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There was an unsuccessful fascist coup attempt in Italy in 1970

The 1893 coup that overthrew Liliuokalani and the monarchy began when she attempted to rewrite the constitution to favor the monarchy and ethnic Hawaiians.

About Relcom, the first Soviet ISP who, during the attempted Communist Party coup of August 1991, provided the only reliable communications avenue to the world via Usenet after the Communists had captured the television and radio stations. Boris Yeltsin credits them for defeating the Communists.

Hitler attempted a coup called The Beer Hall Putsch on 8–9 November 1923. He used the prison time to write Mein Kampf and figure out how to gain power once his prison sentence for treason ended.

Japanese Author Yukio Mishima, who commited seppuku after a failed coup attempt in 1970.

In 2008 there was a attempted peaceful coup d'état in Hawaii

When was the attempted coup in kenya?

Giulio d'Este was imprisoned along with his brother after an attempted coup. The latter died in prison 34 years later, but Giulio was released after 53 years, aged 81. During tat time, fashion had changed so much that the old-timey clothes he still wore confused people on the street

Shakespeare's company, The Lord Chamberlain's Men, were asked to perform Richard II as a diversion during a coup attempt against The Queen.

Mercenaries attempted a coup in Seychelles by disguising themselves as a rugby team with AK-47's in false bottoms of their bags; however, fighting started prematurely when one of the men accidentally got in the "something to declare line" in the airport and the customs officer discovered the gun

In 1970, famed Japanese author Yukio Mishima used his personal right-wing militia to take a general hostage and attempt a coup, and subsequently committed seppuku

In 1971, Palestinian refugees and the PLO attempted a takeover of Jordan, causing a failed coup and a brief civil war, the event is forever known as Black September.

In 1981 a group of white supremacists attempted to stage a coup on the Caribbean island of Dominica

There was an attempted coup d'état after the surrender of Japan in WWII

Yukio Mishima, a gay Japanese author who attempted to stage a coup d'etat of the Japanese Self-Defence Forces in 1970, and tried to incite the Armed Forces into a revolt to restore power to the Emperor. When the coup failed, he committed Seppuku alongside one other follower.

Turkeys President FaceTimed a news station to appeal to the Turkish populace to support him during a military coupe attempt. It worked.

When his plane was being shot at during a coup attempt in 1972, King Hassan II of Morocco grabbed the radio himself and told the rebel pilots, "Stop firing! Your tyrant is dead!" Believing that their mission had been successful, the rebel pilots broke off their attack.

A Japanese writer, thrice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature, committed seppuku after attempting to stage a coup

Yukio Mishima, a gay Japanese author who attempted to stage a coup d'etat of the Japanese Self-Defence Forces in the 1970s, before committing Seppuku when the coup failed.

A writer attempted a coup d'etat in Japan and committed seppuku after 1970

Only 2 days after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion on Cuba, the CIA attempted to use General Maurice Challe to stage yet another coup in France. President De Gaulle called, not on his own military to protect France, but on the citizenry to take up arms against the military insurrection.

In 1949 the elected President of Syria Shukri-al-Quwatli was toppled by a CIA-engineered coup, but he escaped and 6 years later he was re-elected and reinstated as president, only to face a 2nd CIA-engineered coup attempt.

Turkey has banned a math textbook for using in one of the exercises the initials, FG, of the alleged mastermind behind the recent coup d'état attempt

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