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The shape of a person's corpus callosum reflects their mental rather than physical sex (i.e. someone with male genitalia at birth who identifies as female will have a female shaped corpus callosum)

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When patients with removed Corpus Callosum are shown an image only in their left visual field, they cannot vocally name what they have seen.

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  1. The Corpus Callosotomy a procedure where they cut the corpus callosum severing the connection between the hemispheres of the brain, it occasionally causes Alien Hand Syndrome, a condition popularized by Dr Strangelove.

  2. Marsupials lack the corpus callosum, the part of the brain that allows your left and right hemispheres to communicate.

  3. Einstein's corpus callosum (middle part of the brain) is thicker even that young people, allowing him a better connection between the two hemispheres of the brain.

  4. In the classic Kubrick film, Peter Sellers’ eccentric character Dr. Strangelove suffered from agonistic apraxia, or "alien hand syndrome". It's caused by damaging the corpus callosum—the nerve fibers that connect the brain's two hemispheres. It’s now often known as Dr. Strangelove Syndrome.

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