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Coca-Cola was sued by a consumer protection agency for misleading health claims regarding VitaminWater, which contains 33 grams of sugar per bottle. Coca-Cola's defense was that "no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking VitaminWater was a healthy beverage.”

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Since its creation in July 2010, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has helped return more than $10.1 billion to more than 17 million consumers tricked by deceptive financial practices

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  1. Fan Death" is a widely-held belief in South Korea that leaving an electric fan on overnight will kill a person. Even The Korea Consumer Protection Board issued a warning that "asphyxiation from electric fans and air conditioners" was among S.Korea's five most common summer accidents or injuries

  2. Skyrocketing college tuition prices began in 2005, when Congress passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, that made it essentially impossible to discharge or declare bankruptcy on federal or private student loans.

  3. Banana Boat had a class action lawsuit filed against them. A lab tested their SPF 50 at only SPF 12.69, as well as Consumer Reports stating "28 out of 60 lotion bottles contain less SPF protection than they claimed on the labels"

  4. "The death of the chemistry set is almost an unintended consequence of the rise in consumer protection laws."

  5. According to the World Bank government corruption consumes up to 48% of Russia's GDP every year. In the 90s, businesses had to pay criminal groups to provide "krysha" (protection). Nowadays, this "protective" function is performed by government officials.

  6. In 2008, game designer Sid Meier cited the Nintendo Seal of Quality as one of the three most important innovations in video game history, as it helped set a standard for game quality that protected consumers from shovelware.

  7. The reason a bag of potato chips contains mostly air is not to deceive the consumer into believing there is more product. Instead, the air (called slack fill) provides cushioning that protects the chips. "Less air, more chips but they are shattered or More air, fewer chips but they are whole"

  8. The Dodd Frank Consumer Protection Act had a clause in it called the Eddie Murphy Rule to prevent insider trading in the commodities market, in reference to the movie Trading Places.

  9. Seed is large, oval in shape and protected with woody husk. Even though seed can be consumed, large doses are not recommended because it contains hydrocyanic acid which is poisonous.

  10. Bananas contain vitamin B6, which help protect the individual who consumes them from irritability, mood swings and sleeplessness.

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According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 43 million Americans have overdue medical debt on their credit reports

The first ever consumer protection law introduced was The Reinheitsgebot (Purity Law) in 1516. It was related to beer and aimed to protect drinkers from high prices and prevent wheat from being too expensive for bakers to produce bread. - source

Indian palm squirrel is an omnivore. Its diet is mostly based on the fruit and nuts, but it also consumes eggs, small birds, larvae and insects. Indian palm squirrel collects food and protects its stashes aggressively from other squirrels and birds.

There is a federal law in the United States code dedicated to protecting the confidentiality of consumers' video tape rental records.

Cuckoo Catfish release its eggs at the same spot as the cichlids’. As the mouth brooding cichlids scoop up her eggs, she also unknowingly collects the eggs of the catfish. The catfish hatch first and consume the other eggs while the cichlid protects the catfish fry as if they were her own. - source

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TÜVs are German organizations that work to validate the safety of products of all kinds to protect humans and the environment against hazards. As independent consultants, they examine factory plants, motor vehicles, energy installations, amusement rides, devices and consumer goods

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Most Aluminum canned drinks have a plastic lining around it containing Bisphonel A (BPA) to protect the consumer from food borne diseases as well as stopping the acid from reacting with the Aluminum.

The Korea Consumer Protection Board (KCPB), a South Korean government-funded public agency, issued a consumer safety alert in 2006 warning that "asphyxiation from electric fans and air conditioners" was among South Korea's five most common summer accidents or injuries.

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau stops employee evaluations because of disparate impact.

Russian authorities on June 22, 2015, blocked the website of a consumer protection group that had called Crimea an “occupied territory,”.

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