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That, according to the Department of Energy, commuter rail only has about 10% better actual fuel economy than cars, and buses are the worst at more than 20% lower given its sparse ridership.

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Mumbai's commuter rail system can get so crowded that trains can reach 14-16 people standing per square meter. On average, 2000 people die annually on the rail network.

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  1. The Japanese rail system is well known for maintaining remarkable on-time performance. On May 2018, A Japanese railway company has apologised after one of its train departed 25 seconds early, a mistake which it told commuters was "truly inexcusable".

  2. About The Dinky, A Short 5 Minute Train Ride That Also Happens To Be Shortest Scheduled Commuter Rail Line in the United States

  3. Zurich's commuter rail system has backup trains waiting at critical traffic points with drivers on board, which can immediately be dispatched to pick up the slack when a train gets too late or breaks down.

  4. In terms of energy efficiency, air travel is not much worse than commuter rail travel.

  5. Chicago's METRA while being the fourth largest commuter rail system in the US it is the largest one outside of NYC

  6. Though "Reich" took on a bad connotation in both East & West Germany after WWII, E. Germany kept calling its national rail company "Reichsbahn" since an Allied treaty gave the "Reichsbahn" power to run trains in all of Berlin. This meant E. Germany ran all commuter trains in W Berlin until 1984.

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Metra (Chicago commuter rail) speeds during rush hour

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