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During an interview on the Colbert Report, Cookie Monster claimed that he used to be "the Robert Downey, Jr. of cookies."

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Jon Stewart's production company is called Busboy Productions, after his job as a busboy in a Mexican restaurant. His company is responsible for several hit shows including The Colbert Report, and Important Things with Demetri Martin.

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  1. Bald eagles on TV (such as the intro to The Colbert Report) don't use a real eagle call. This is what a bald eagle sounds like.

  2. Voldemort was originally supposed to be pronounced with a silent "T," ala The Colbert Report.

  3. A 2009 study by Ohio State University found that conservatives were more likely than liberals to believe Stephen Colbert from The Colbert Report was conservative.

  4. Joe Quesada sent Stephen Colbert a letter after Captain Americas assassination. it said "we have read the will of Captain America, and it says there is only one person patriotic enough to wield the Solid Vibranium Shield. it is YOU Stephen". reports say Stephens wife wept.

  5. There was an actual scientific study on viewers of The Colbert Report, and found that people thought Colbert is funny regardless of ideology, but conservatives thought he's pretending to be joking and meant what he said, while liberals thought Colbert was using satire and was not serious

  6. In 2009 a few College kids wrote a joke article linking beer pong to herpes. The rumor caught national attention, making its way to several news stations and even the Colbert report.

  7. The average age of a Colbert Report viewer was 42.3 years old! (Letterman's average viewer was 58.2; Fallon's is 57.1)

  8. In 2009, NASA held a vote to name a Space Shuttle attachment. The name Colbert won, after Stephen Colbert. Astronaut Suni Williams appeared on the Colbert Report and compromised, naming a treadmill after him instead.

  9. The unseen "Jim" that Stephen Colbert regularly calls upon is a real director; Jim Hoskinson. In addition to The Colbert Report and The Late Show, he also directs Last Week Tonight

  10. The Colbert Report was loosely based on a 2003 segment from The Daily Show; a loose parody of The O'Reilly Factor

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Christopher Cantwell (speaker for "Unite The Right") was featured on The Colbert Report from 2014

Neo nazi guy from the vice documentary was apparently on the Colbert Report years ago during a bit called "Free Keene Squad." Is this real life....? - source

During the Suq Mudiq segment on The Colbert Report, the Producers used a picture of Colberts Mother-In-Law when they showed Mudiqs Mother, Munhma Quchi - source

A 2010 study at Ohio State University found that conservatives failed to recognize irony and thought that Stephen Colbert's character on The Colbert Report sincerely meant satirical conservative comments he made. Their ideology caused them to believe he was only pretending to be joking.

The last episode of the Colbert Report had about half the ratings as family guy reruns. - source

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